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Starlit Spackle

Lives in Luanda, Angola Born on May 6, 1983 Female
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Starlit Spackle
Get home from Reykjavik last night at 8pm, then have to go in to work at 4am the next day. RIP my life.
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Me: goes to bed at 11 wakes ip ay 6 goes to work at 7am, then comes back at 7pm process repeats
Didya bring me a volcano?
Mocha Jon
Awesome! How was Iceland? I always wanted to go there!
Starlit Spackle
Reykjavik is cold, wet, and depressing.
Fleet Admiral Dash
What else does one expect from Iceland this time of year?
Nebula Mist
//When I went it was beautiful, but I did go in the Summer.
Sound De Aviators
//Iceland is beautiful, but Norway is better;)
Starlit Spackle
I seriously cannot get enough of this show.
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Demonic hooves
Chinese cartoons all look the same, which one is this one?
Starlit Spackle
Motherfuckin' Darling in the Franxx.
yea I like naruto too
Bright Brave
Pinkie Wolf
((What is it?))
Starlit Spackle
Starlit Spackle
I can't wait for this day to be over so we can start Cheap Chocolate Day 2: Electric Bugaloo. I didn't get fat enough just from the 15th of February alone.
Celtic Cross
I think that Starlit Spackle should get paid for the OC critiques. I imagine that process must take time and patience.
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