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Cherry Cordial

Male. Lives in  Ponyville,  Equestria. Born on August 13
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Cherry Cordial
//I'm back after a small haitus! Hope you all had a nice Christmas/Hearthswarming~
Cherry Cordial
Updated the pic
Moon Latte
. . . ...interesting bakery.
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Cherry Cordial
Oh? It's a starter... but thank you. Would you like anything, miss?
Moon Latte
Hmm...I got a bit of a proposition for ya. If ya got the time?
Cherry Cordial
Hmm... a large order? You've got my ear.
Moon Latte
"More along the lines of partnership. I own a coffee shop on the west edge of Manehatten. I'd like to make orders of assorted breads like pumpernickel, whole wheat, white breaded biscuits and dark breaded and so on. 1600 bits at the start then on the third month I'll double it." The mare had a bit o...View More
Cherry Cordial
Cherry looks a slight bit shocked by the mare's request. "That's quite a large order. While a lucrative offer, for sure, I'm not certain I alone can fulfill such a large order."
Cherry Cordial
A Cherry Halloween! (If a bit late) [art by Higglytownhero]
Nitroxus Soulspins
Better late than never.
Ember Ribbon
Yummy. B)
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