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Storm Front

Female. Lives in Canterlot,  Equestria.
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Sitting on you.
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Storm Front
Stormy had just discovered hay fries are actually made from potatoes. Her life is a lie.
Storm Front
Storm stole your catnip.
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Lock On
Lock joined a CA to cope with the severe withdrawal
Storm Front
Storm was VERY hung over currently trying to figure out where she was. It was dark. It was cramped. It was surprisingly nothing new for her. Of course just as she was beginning to wake up she would ha...View More
Storm Front
Insert fluffy griffon noises here.
Silver Shield
Silver reads Storm's information. "What is this about sitting on me?! I didn't ask for this!"
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Storm Front
Silver was baped for speaking up. "Quiet you..."
Silver Shield
His muzzle scrunches up a little. "I'm being silenced!"
Storm Front
"This one isn't very smart..."
Silver Shield
"H-hey! There's no cause for that..."
Storm Front
"I said quiet you...."
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