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Cakepop The Baker

Female. Born on November 21, 2001
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Cakepop The Baker
Me and my boyfriend are doing a cute couples costume for Halloween, I'm gonna be the shark (I have a shark kigu) and he's gonna be Martin Brody from Jaws
Cakepop The Baker
The small pegasus made her way across town, dragging a large bag of flour that was obviously too heavy for such a scrawny mare such as herself. She was also taking the long way, trying to avoid as man...View More
Cakepop The Baker
Time to make some people mad
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Thunder Riff
Clearly this is wrong Purplesmart is best honse
Cakepop The Baker
Pinkhappy is obviously best horse
Smoke (Obsilion)
Nah. Gotta give it to Orangestrong
Sting the Ultimate God of Destruction
I'm offended. I'm not a blue dog, I'm a purple griffon.
Papillon Crève-Cœur
in 2013, i had the cutest hoofsies. now in 2021 i have the softest paws.
Eightbit (changeling #33147)
Hey, no need to speak the truth, with the exception of ponk being best
Cakepop The Baker
This guy knows his stuff, ponk is obviously best
Solar Blaze
Well I'm not a furry but everyone should go their ways shouldn't they? :3
I think I went the wrong direction. I have tactical gear instead of a fursuit.
Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
I'm not a blue dog. I'm a blue MACAW.
Cakepop The Baker
I'm also not a blue dog, I'm a SPARKLEDOG
//with the merger of pony into furry on picarto, the wound only goes deeper
Mina May Marzipan
I didn't come here to be called out Actually wait, I technically had furry ocs first and have now decided to have furry ocs. Mlp was a phase
Lock On
Broni*s are furries in denial
Cakepop The Baker
God damn it I just realized that I accidentally gave Cakepop a mullet but it's so engrained in her character design that I can't change it
Cakepop The Baker
Cheddar Cheese in South Korea we honest to god have a cheese amusement park where you can learn about, make, and eat cheese along with some regular amusement park things with a cheesy twist.
Cheddar Cheese
im frikkin buyin the ticket to south korea as u type
Cakepop The Baker
It's also in the cheese capital of Korea, where cheese was first introduced in the South by some Belgian guy in 1950-something
Cakepop The Baker
If you've ever seen Kindergarten Cop, you know the real hero is the ferret
Cakepop The Baker
Cotton candy horse now cotton candy human?
Cakepop The Baker
I have like really thick long hair, but I shed like a lot so my friends always complain about me getting hair everywhere. My friend literally told me that she found a few hairs in her bed (I haven't b...View More
Cakepop The Baker
What should Cakepop be for Nightmare Night?
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Marinette Dupain-Cheng
A witch!
Cakepop The Baker
I'm sobbing does anyone else remember Spookley the Square Pumpkin?
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Vaguely, sort of like a repressed memory
Star Silk
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