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Blue Wave

Female. Lives in  Manehattan,  Equestria. Born on September 25, 1998
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Canon Equestria
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Blue Wave
This place reminds me a lot of Twitter Lots of weird stuff, a little bit of serious stuff
Bro no this is like least 200x less absurd than Twitter.
Commander Wyatt Ryder
Pressing X to Doubt
Bright Brave
Le tweet
Blue Wave
Wild Captain Ship Horse Screams
Distant screaming
Princess Celestia
Twisted Fate
Silver Shield
Pirate girl <3 You're back!
Silver Shield
"Heeeey, wait a minute...I know you! You're that pirate!" Silver only manages to keep a straight face for a few seconds after saying this.
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Blue Wave
Blue stared him down, not at all amused. This was more common than you'd think though. "Off to the brig with you, Mister!"
Silver Shield
He snickers. "I missed ya! How have you been?!"
Sharp Fountain
"Captain Blue Wave! It's a pleasure to see your return."
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