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Pinkie Wolf

Female. Lives in  Ponyville,  Equestria. Born on January 6
Earth Pony (And WerePony)
Roleplay Universe
Kinda canon.
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Pinkie Wolf
((Hi. This mare is really cute. <3 ))
Silver Shield
Wow, I was wondering how I definitely ended up anonymously sending her a valentine's day card, but now I understand my own reasoning
Sharp Fountain
She looks like a keeper, Shield.
Eclipcia Darkmoon
*Eclipcia cornered Pinkie in the streets one day, he really needed to ask her something*
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Pinkie Wolf
*She smiles* "Hi!"
Eclipcia Darkmoon
Hiya Pinkie! I've been just dying to ask you something.. *He smiled back*
Pinkie Wolf
"Oh! What is it?" *She tilts her head to the side as she asked this*
Eclipcia Darkmoon
Well.. *He smiles nervously* First of all.. I-I'm afraid your disguise might not work as well as you think it does.. But that's what I wanted to ask about! I heard legends about a half-wolf half-pony in Everfree Forest. Do you know them?
Pinkie Wolf
*Her eyes widen a sizable amount, her pupils shrinking and her ears lowering. She said nothing for a long while, her eye twitching a bit until she finally started busting out laughing histarically, looking very nervous as well. She began to step away slowly, her eyes darting around*
Pinkie Wolf
"Happy Hearts and Hooves Day, Everypony!" *Pinkie was merrily skipping down the street with her basket-hat on, rose petals and paper hearts occasionally falling out of it*
Pinkie Wolf
"Yo, everypony! I'm uh... so cool! Chill! Dog!" *She looks over at Rainbow Dash, whispering rather loudly* "Am I doing it right?"
"This is not how you connect with today's youth."
Adrian Coalhopper
"Y'got the dog part right, girlie."
Amethyst the Hippogriff
"Hey! What up fellow teens?"
Prince Artemis
"How is it going my fellow young pony that is young like me. Would you be interested in the hanging out. Maybe having a puff of vapor as we discussed the fellow memes that be happening?" The Prince was with the times
Amethyst the Hippogriff
"Artemis! Don't you know that doing the vape is like totally wack?!"
Prince Artemis
"We young pones knows what's up and what's best. We don't need to do the research. We chill with the squads. Don't stop progress Grandma"
"But, are you more chill than I?"
Pinkie Wolf
((Hi, everypony! I'm so super sorry for not being very active here. Things have been... not the best for me mentally. But! I'm getting better! There's no need to worry! Pinkie Promise! If anyone wants...View More
New Leaf?
Pinkie Wolf
((Yup x3))
Been too long since I launched that. I can't. The guilt. Bianca will probably beat me over the head with a bat and never let me leave, and she'd be justified. Just waiting for AC Switch ; u ;
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