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Polar Swirl

Male. Lives in  Equestria. Born on July 2, 1998
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Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxus rode on the back of a large tortoise that was making its way toward the pony. He soon smiled to them. He then passed a large gift over to them.* Happy Birthday!
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Polar Swirl
*it took a few attempts but Polar Swirl finally puts away his protective helmet and bag of marshmallows* ... see? So thats how you tie a tie. *Polar smiles and pats you on the shoulder*
Polar Swirl
What is actually the most active RP/just chilling brony/mlp website? You know, one that is actually styled like Canterlotavenue or the old iBrony. Every now and then I get the mood to revisit my brony...View More
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Chiller Sway
*dances in refusing to move on*
It really is only the same handful of people that are always active here. Otherwise, yeah.. seems to always be quite. ( especially with the amount of accounts currently on here and new ones coming in) Other sites died off long ago. PT is far more active than this.. but is kinda meh at the same time.
Corona Lionheart IV
Its usually somewhat quiet mainly cause people tend to do their roleplays and other activities in private or on Discord. It can get a bit active sometimes, but mostly this place somewhat serves as a hub to make friends and such
This tbh. We arent quiet, its just that rps on the site tend to go into PMs or in groups.
Stickman, The Normal Stickian
Besides. I'm usually busy with whatever update's come to Warframe (Or just killing stuff in the same game), working on a new friendship letter story, or doing stuff in Runescape. I'm doing either of the 3.
Polar Swirl
Polar Swirl confesses his feelings to you but a whale scares him off... what do you do? #rp
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Kapi laughs uncontrollably.
Polar Swirl
Sketch of Polar Swirls friend from his hometown. I also really want to draw him with his sisters and brothers and parents but im lazy.
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Sophie Hoofington
Sophie throws money at Polar.
Polar Swirl
*Polar collects the money* thank you thank you
Antique FourHooves
Polar Swirl
Antique FourHooves
The wanting to draw stuff but lazy part
Icy Creation
I have now had three separate heart attacks since waking up, just from scrolling through this site. Why must everyone be so fuckin' adorable?
Polar Swirl
I am so sorryyyyy D:
Icy Creation
Don't be, it's a good heart attack.
o///o // It's guud
Polar Swirl
Thank you. *pets*
The le ghostling would turn purple from bloosh
Bright Brave
Polar Swirl
Wait what is going on? Why am seeing so much genderswapping on this website? Does that mean Polar is supposed to be a hot goth gf right now?
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Phoenix Genevieve
Lula Vieve
Gender :clap: swap :clap: Gender :clap: swap :clap:
Polar Swirl
*Polar stares at you from afar* '......................................'
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Stares in return "........................"
Polar Swirl
GASP *turns away*
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