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Male. Lives in  Las Pegasus,  Equestria. Born on September 17, 1990
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//Hooo boy, had a lot of snow here today!
Bright Brave
Send me some
Empress Jade
Snow is good. Cold is not good.
Slurpee Hooves
Cold is considerably preferable to snow if you ask me. I don't throw my back out trying to shovel away all the cold.
Icy Creation
Snow here now too Yay
The Frog Samurai Sage
I didn't expect to see you here. What a pleasant surprise.
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Bright Brave
Brother. We should have a feast.
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Feelin’ good today!
Bright Brave
Me too
Vy Thresh
Hell yeah ^^
That’s how it be :)
Seahawk smiles and stands on his front porch, taking in the fresh spring air. Outside, the trees and bushes are growing and flowers are starting to bloom. #rp
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