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Male. Lives in Soundwave cave, the mountains,  Equestria.
Cybertronian Pegasus.
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this is about the IRL me? ok. hi! im Edge, im a 10th grader in high school so i have a busy schedule, im also the only 16 year old in the world without a job! i really want a job! yaaay! oh i also have autism and ADHD so please, be patent. have a good day!
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mlp fim and or transformers prime
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soundwave would be trotting back and forth in the forest, something was clearly on his mind. something big, he's never been this deep in thought before. #rp
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Sprouting Bulb
Spinneret peeked out from behind a tree. "Sound? What's up?"
Like November 2, 2023
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soundwave would jump in suprise, trying to use his mane to cover his eye visor. "h-hey pal!"
Like November 2, 2023
Sprouting Bulb
"You seem lost in thought, buddy."
Like November 2, 2023
"i-i do?"
Like November 3, 2023
Shifter Burnside
Woah. Nice place, Soundwave.
Like November 4, 2023
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“Hello autobot.” soundwave would sigh.
Like November 9, 2023
Shifter Burnside
Ex-autobot. I’m enjoying an early retirement from duty.
Like November 13, 2023
"once an autobot, always an autobot."
Like November 14, 2023