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by on January 15, 2020
Now, things have gotten complicated between universes that flam is in, so i decided to clarify them here just to make some sense
1: Main Canon Universe.
Everything is normal. Flam is coltfreind to marina. Las pegasus was burned.
2: unity universe
Universe where the flams and multiversal refugees flock. This is the hub of all universes.
3: stickman universe.
Flam was coltfreind to marina.
Flam and flim were killed trying to save equestria.
Las pegasus was burned.
Las pegasus was destroyed.
4. Knight wolf universe.
Flam is coltfreind to leslie fair.
Amuka from the stickman universe is in this universe.
Leslie fair from the stickman universe is in this universe.
Flam is fearing for the safety of equestria, so he begins to organise a new element of harmony group to fight wolf. Equestria is once again on the brink of war if knight marries twilight.
Flam is the leader of a "confederation of harmony" to try to protect the ponies of the west coast of equestria.
5 gatling universe
Flam and his brother are killed in a firefight with wyatt.
6. Maween universe.
Marina bleu becomes the ruler of the oceans. (They are still a couple though)
7. Starlight glimmer timeline universe.
Flim and flam destroy the livelihoods of the apple family after winning the contest. They begin to grow their buisness far and wide. However they arent liked.
8. Mirrorverse.
Flim and flam are part of the elements of harmony as the element of "fairness". They take up careers as judges.
9. Genderswap universe.
The portal to this universe only opens in feburary. I wonder why?
10. True canon universe.
Everything that happened in the show happened to flam. Nothing more, nothing less.
11. Extraneous universes may pop up for one shot rps. They arent as important as the others though
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Flam i have to say, you are an impressive rp god
Dr. Marina Bleu
> however they aren’t liked methinks that’s a bit of an understatement
Just a smidgen