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Knight Wolf
by on May 2, 2021
When Knight was traveling during his five year wandering period, he met many different creatures and cultures, he traveled across seas and continents and opened his eyes to the diversity of this world. Of course he got into plenty of altercations since he is an adult male with needs that only the opposite gender can provide, and the altercations happened when some mares that were umm providing him with relief, failed to mention to having husbands. He also had plenty of run in with law enforcement, criminal gangs, random events and the like that you see on travels. For the entertainment of his citizens in Monros, he will write down one story a week about such events and let them experience his time away with him, so for todays story.
Knight was passing through the country of Buckmania on the other side of the world, he thought ponies only lived in equestria but it seems that ponies have spread over the globe. He was extremely tired and falling asleep riding a carriage when the mare pulling the carriage turned to him.
"So where you heading hun," she asked smiling sweetly at him as she pulled the carriage, she was attractive strong, blond and slender, her cutie mark was a lot of hearts spinning together.
"I am just passing through," Knight says softly not really looking for small talk.
"We dont see many creatures like you through here," she says turning and looking at him but couldnt see much since he was wearing a large cloak, "shame," she says to herself.
"Just take me to the nearest hotel," he says and she grins, "really the nearest? perhaps you'd want to look into hotels a bit more," she says
"No, i am tired and just want to rest," Knight says and she giggles, "Very well," she says as she nears the closest hotel which was colored pink and seemed to be more than just a hotel.
"We're here sir, though I think youll have some trouble getting in," she says smirking at him as he steps out of the carriage and he looks alarmed at the hotel named, Bucking Beds, "What...," he says as he looks at the office window that has a sign saying "Couples only"
"Now thatll be 245 bits for that long drive" she says taking off the carriage and walking up to him.
Knight pulls out his bag of bits and looks at it, it feels a bit light, he will have to withdraw bits somewhere, and she sees this, "Or... you pay for a room and I help you get in," she says smirking.
"I am not looking for a partner tonight," he says
"Oh your not, but I am, and it looks like you need one," she says as she puts a hoof on his chest and starts pushing him in, "Besides it looks like you dont have enough to pay me, so just think of it as another way to pay," she says as she shoves him into the hotel.
The next day she waved goodbye as she pulled the carriage and went on her way, Knight stood outside looking at the sky, "I didnt even get to sleep.." he said sleepy as he continued on his way.