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by on May 8, 2021
"You know you like it so why do you always act like you don't," Devine says smirking as the walk the streets of Saddle Arabia "You just know when to take advantage of me," Knight says as he looks at the things the vendors have for sale, he then looks at his bag of bits, "Hmm," he says and she looks at the bag "Are we out of bits?" she asks and he scoffs at her, "I'm out of bits, because someone always needs a midnight meal ...
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by on May 3, 2021
Knight shudders in the bed, he moves around groaning He sees flashbacks of his claws slashing through many, so many, the amount of blood he has spilled is too much yet he cannot stop, his rage is too much, Flam has taken his sister from him after he had tried to assassinate him during the peace talks, there is now no peace as he destroys Las Pegasus in his anger, as the building topple and blood fill the streets Now weeks later he is standing in the middle of the field with his army behind...
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by on May 2, 2021
Knight and Devine walk the dangerous mountains of Nightmare Cliffs, Knight would have just flown but a certain mare is extremely pissed because of a couple of stunts a certain wolf did in the air. "Look I said I was sorry, no one got hurt," he says walking down the cliffs. "You did get hurt! The cliff you crashed in broke and created a landslide that took what i think were griffin or dragon nests into the ocean! I would have died if I hit the sharp cliffs!" she yells at him ...
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by on May 2, 2021
Knight continued his wandering journey through the remains of the many cities that the war affected, he made sure however to avoid taxis now since last time he was swindled out of a restful night to one full of well, he blushes as he remembers the beautiful mare that tricked him into bed. He shook his head as he crossed the desert and stared into the vast emptiness it held, he walked aimlessly forward for days until he came across a place called klugetown. Once entering he had already had to kno...
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by on May 2, 2021
When Knight was traveling during his five year wandering period, he met many different creatures and cultures, he traveled across seas and continents and opened his eyes to the diversity of this world. Of course he got into plenty of altercations since he is an adult male with needs that only the opposite gender can provide, and the altercations happened when some mares that were umm providing him with relief, failed to mention to having husbands. He also had plenty of run in with law enforcemen...
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