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Knight Wolf
by on May 2, 2021
Knight and Devine walk the dangerous mountains of Nightmare Cliffs, Knight would have just flown but a certain mare is extremely pissed because of a couple of stunts a certain wolf did in the air.
"Look I said I was sorry, no one got hurt," he says walking down the cliffs.
"You did get hurt! The cliff you crashed in broke and created a landslide that took what i think were griffin or dragon nests into the ocean! I would have died if I hit the sharp cliffs!" she yells at him
He chuckles, "Yea we should get out of here before the owners get back," he says and she shakes her head
"You are unbelievable, like not just unbelievable in bed but you have absolutely reckless," she says
"Devine.. shut up," he says as his ears twitch
"No, its about time I tell you off!" she yells and he puts his paw to her mouth
In the distance there are sounds of scratching and suddenly loud roars.
"Great," he says as he forces her onto his back
"Hey, what are you doing I am not going to ride on you unless you promise to not do anything crazy unless of course we are in danger," she says crossing her arms on his back
He turns his head and looks her in the eyes, he was serious, "Oh no... we're in danger.."
"Hang on tight!" he yells as he jumps off the cliff just in time as a stream of fire hit the spot they were standing on
Devine screams for dear life as he nose dives quickly, she holds onto his fur as tight as possible, she looks behind them and in the distance past the smoke erupt three massive raging dragons
"THEY WERE DRAGON NESTS! OH CELESTIA IT JUST HAD TO BE DRAGONS! DAMM YOU KNIGHT!" she screams as he twists and turns through the cliffs sharp edges and dodges balls of fire
The dragons follow closely nipping and biting when they could, Knight would fight and kill them but it wont be easy anf he has someone depending on him right now
He takes a glance behind him then chuckles "This might get messy," he says calmly
"Messy? oh... WE ARE IN A MESS!" she yells as she ducks from a fireball
"No i mean, those are elder dragons, savage but old and very powerful," he says and her eye twitches
He continues flying down the sharp cliffs until he passes a thick fog and can finally see the ocean below and a small creaky dock with a single boat on it with a few passengers boarding.
"Thats the boat we need to get on," he says and she looks spotting the small vessel
"Aw its cute, it will look even more adorable when the three enraged dragons behind us light it on fire!" she yells
Knight grins as he dodges a bite to his left, "Ok your not gonna like this," he starts to say and she becomes pale
"Oh no.. you better not throw me again," she says and he shakes his head
"Think of it more as you jumping off my back into the ocean," he says and her eyes widen as she looks at the sharp rocks in the water
"Are you trying to kill me!" she yells as he spins quickly making her slip and and he grabs her in his arms, "Trust me," he says looking into her eyes
She gulps, "If I die, I will haunt you forever," she says as Knight dives to the water quickly and a few feet above it he throws her into the water as he pulls up, the dragons not seeing her follow him.
Devine rises out of the water gasping, "Its freezing," she says as she starts swimming towards the dock were different creatures were looking at the sky terrified, a few fellow ponies help her up to the dock.
"What is going on!," the ships captain yells out
"Dragons captain, chasing some poor soul in the sky! We best get going before they mark us too!" The first mate yells
The captain nods, "Set sail!" he yells as every creature rushes to board
"Wait what about my friend!?" Devine yells
"Miss, your friend threw you into the water to save you, he must know you would have both died when the dragons catch him, you must board, dont let his death be in vain!" A unicorn tells her as he drags her onto the boat and its starts heading out to sea
"What no! He wont die, he can beat them! He said so!" she says looking at the sky as the chase stopped
It became quiet as everyone looked up, "I'm sorry miss.. but he is gone," the unicorn says and Devine cant believe it, she looks up with a tear forming in her eye, "No... no"
Suddenly a large roar erupts from the sky followed by the dragons alarmed roars suddenly the cliffs start erupting, in the fog above them three dragons fired their flames and attacked something just as large as them violently
"The dragons are fighting each other" One yells and the Captain looks terrified, "Whatever that is... its no dragon," he says as the roars and clashing continue
Two shadows collide and crash into a cliff above them making it rain rocks all around the ship and in the debris falls a large red dragon with its head ripped off
More fire lightens the sky and more debris hit the ocean, then suddenly from the fog two red dragons and a large black creature fight entangled in a ball of fire and claws until they all hit the ocean in a large splash
All the passengers watch in amazement as a large wave rocks the boat and water rains on them all making the ship rock almost to the point of tilting over
Suddenly two erupt out of the water into the sky again, the red dragon and the black creature
"There's only one dragon left?" Says a passenger as beside the boat floats up the body of the second slain dragon
Violent clashes and roars shake the area a final breath of fire enlightens the sky like the morning sun
Everyone watches in awe and fear
From the fog falls another dragon, the largest of them all, its wings torn and body mutilated and splashes in the distant ocean
They all look up fearing what creature that defeated three large dragons will appear and devour them all
Devine looks to the sky desperately looking for sign of Knight
Slowly from the fog two wings burnt and torn flaps lazily as the dark wolf appears burned scratched and breathing heavily.
"Its... smaller?" The unicorn questions
"Knight!" Devine yells as she runs to the edge of the ship where he lands and collapses, she runs to his side and lets him rest his head on her side
"Your alive right?" she asks in tears as he breathes slowly
"Of course, even three elder dragons... arent a match for me... i had them running the whole time.." he says tiredly
She smiles softly, "Of course," she says
"If you don't mind... I think I'll sleep here for the moment," he says closing his eyes and falls asleep
She lets a few tears drop as she cuddles closer to him and lets him sleep
"Reckless fool," she says happily