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Polo Fastter
by on November 19, 2021
Two years ago.
Polo was at a store when the holiday song started to play and he knew one thing so, he leaves the store forgetting the milk as a random group of ponies started singing about Hearth's Warming day. He walks to a different store and enter only find decorations for the green and red holiday on full display as someone put a red and white hat on him. He slowly back out of the store bumping into someone carrying gift wrap causing it to unroll and cover most people near by as he remove part of the gift wrapped from his face. "Sorry about that, also take this hat and please don't say..." as he was about to say it the earth pony said "Can't wait for Hearth's Warming day to celebrate and sing." Polo ran the second that word was said as he trips onto a rock and getting blinded by hot chocolate. He back up near a ladder causing it to fall down as someone hold onto the string of lights while the ladder landed onto a cart which turn right into a clothing store. The string of lights snapped causing the Pony on it to go though a window of a bakery and right though a wedding cake.
Polo wipes his eyes clean from the hot chocolate then, a box full of glitter fell from a pegasus cart and right onto Polo's head as he walked blindly into a another ladder as the box fell apart. The ladder fell in a way that cause it to be a ramp as a cart drove onto it while Polo shakes his head as glitter fell from his face. The cart landed on it side as a few ponies wearing ski mask jump out of it before a jpeg explosion happened as the cart fell apart while Polo slowly back away. He goes to turn around as an ice cream cone slowly hit the ground while a a foal cries and pointed at Polo. A earth pony about eight foot tall look at Polo before punching him right into a telephone pole causing it to fall into a jail and breaking the cell door open. Polo runs out of town as the chaos escalate for he had only one thing on his mind "Never going to shop while this holiday is happening."
"Oh that explains why your banned from walking in town during the set up of holiday decorations" Sivanro said as Polo drinks tea while Sheep goes into town. Sheep was at a store that sells clothes as a pegasus looked at Sheep and said "Oh no... care to help out with some clothes or are you here to shop you what ever you are?" Sheep points at the white and green hat and said "Baaaa baa baaaa?" At fight the pegasus was confused then realized "The Hearth's Warming hat is a holiday exclusive and HEY DON'T EAT THAT!" Sheep ate half of it as the pegasus grabbed it before kicking Sheep out. It wonder around as decoration for Hearth Warming are being set up then, someone put a white and red hat onto Sheep before walking into a store. Sheep enter the store as it moved a cart to buy a few thing when it spotted eggnog and put it in the cart and goes to the counter. A earth pony scanned all of the items before saying "Weird but, we have seen weirder." Sheep pays for the items before carrying them home.
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