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Prince Nebulous Coltenheim
by on October 12, 2021
*The royal archivist of New Coltenheim is up late now writing two entries to chronicle one detailing the events after twilights passing and how New Coltenheim whether the ages despite being hidden for so long until magic returned he takes the quill and begins to write*
Fortune has favored us with a prince that has ruled longer than his forefathers and it is good that this is so and many are grateful that he did not become like his father Solaris the Vengeful after many years in exile and gathering artifacts of Old Coltenheim and donating them to the crystal empire he managed to find support and friendship in one Prince Glaciem to rebuild Nebulous's lands and the kingdom of his birth. However, it would not be built in the old location since the territories of it now belonged to The Crystal Empire but rather deeper in the north built along the northern slope of Mount Everhoof and thanks to it being built on top of the strongest metal in the world known as stahlranium the city and the kingdom was built using this enchanted ice metal and used for many things other than construction however those secrets I will not write down. Then later with an audience with Princess Twilight Sparkle and Princess Flurry Heart, our prince managed to legitimize our kingdom's autonomy but still wished to be allies and partners with the two princesses and establish trade even the trade of our stahlranium however in very selective and portioned sizes.
For many years harmony and friendship thrived all over the world however as with time things are not eternal and neither are alicorns despite what we may believe after the passing of Twilight Sparkle and her friends her adventure, exploits the journey and choices she made and the lessons she shared with the world about friendship had begun to fade. Soon history became legend and then legend into myth until everypony thought that twilight and her lessons of friendship were no more than fiction to them except here in New Coltenheim for our prince remained true and made sure that Twilights lessons of friendship and her exploits would not become myth and fiction but actual history and to continue her legacy. Which made what he did next that much harder to swallow, soon Prince Nebulous noticed how slowly everypony was beginning to fear and resent each other and forgetting what twilight did for them and worried about his city becoming a target of that same fear he ordered the cryomancers to create an enchanted ice dome over the city to make sure no one was able to get in unless allowed. Then he made a deal with the infamous windigos to conceal the city and his country in an eternal endless blizzard storm and they would vanish once magic returned to Equestria.
Because of our prince's choice, the Frozen North and the kingdom of New Coltenheim faded once again into obscurity and everypony soon forgot us however this is not the first time that our country has stood alone or faded from the memories of those in the south. In many hundreds of years since then despite being under a dome our city was very self-sufficient thanks to our enchanted ice known as stahlranium it managed to keep the city powered and as for food since Coltenheim was the only place where unicorns were able to still use magic and with the advanced technology provided by our stahlranium we managed to create our own north grown foods. And we always make sure to always remember princess twilights lessons of friendship and make sure that what we teach is not fiction but fact and real equestrian history. No pony or creature knew how long the dome and the windigos would stay for as long as the three pony races in Equestria continued to fear and resent each other it would never return however that would soon change.
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