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polo fastter
by on November 16, 2021
"So dad did you lie about showing me how to use a keybla..." Sivanro duck as Polo throws a nobody into a tree as it vanish in a puff of black smoke. Polo had a keyblade in his mouth as he said "Why would I lie about using a keyblade during these times where nobodies, and heartless are showing up out of nowhere?" Sivanro summoned a keyblade into his hoofs as Polo pick up his keyblade and bites on the handle. "lesson on is magic so first thing firs is have you ever had the dream?" Sivanro take a moment to think and said "The one with the stain glass on the ground and had to fight a demon dragon?" Polo nods as a few heartless appear from the woods. "Focus on them then think of a spell then fire the magic" Sivanro ran at the heartless while standing on two legs as the keyblade get cover in a dark red flame as he said "Hell slash." The blade swung in a horizontal direction as the heartless all turn into heart floating upward.
Polo guards as a few nobodies appear around him as his keyblade glow a slight green color as he whispered "checkmate." the nobodies simply puff into black smoke as Polo walked forward as his keyblade slowly stopped glowing then he hears someone clapping as they turn out to be the stranger. "So your back in this little game of ours Music Note. Tell me how long has it been, six years maybe eight and yet you haven't even though about fighting how interesting." The stranger move as Polo charge at them but, he move to the side last second and swung the keyblade only to hit their own keyblade as they chuckled. "How bold of you to even attack me like those changelings all those years ag..." Polo punch them in the face as they look rather unfazed from the surprise attack. "That it my turn..." They pick Polo up before throwing him into the woods as he crash landed into a few heartless causing them to turn into floating hearts. Polo get up as Sivanro get near him before rolling his eyes as swinging his keyblade as a few heartless jump down from the trees.
After about ten minutes most of the heartless vanished as Sivanro simply watch the heart float away while Polo walked over to an old well before pulling the bucket up. He grabbed the rusty keyblade watching the rust slowly vanish showing a more dragon design to the blade. "You know your lucky to be able to start a new life Music but, your back in this game that rules are covered in smoke and ashes." The stranger sit on a rock before tossing a knight and a bishop chess pieces in front of Polo before vanishing in a dark portal. Polo pick up the pieces as Sivanro walked to him then ask "Who was that guy and what game is he referring?" Polo sigh as his keyblade vanished then spoke "Chess and so far we appear to be winning but, I don't think it will be like this for long and also never seen someone mix an attack with an element from hell before." Polo walks home as Sivanro said "Seen a few people do it and also the weapon using abilities that the person can do or It connect to the soul but, it just a theory." Polo seem interested and said "Hmm interesting but, you still need to learn about limit, elements, forms, and gummi ship repair because it harder then it looks."
Meanwhile in Manehatten Cloud Sky was talking to his guards as a young pegasus enter his office looking rather tired as they lay on the couch. "Must of been a rough day for him to sleep like that but, anyway how are the new security cameras working?" The gryphon rub the back of her head and said "Well, the magic sensor are working rather well to detected changelings and unicorns now how did you know about the security being breached?" Cloud chuckled a bit before saying in a more serous tone. "I have my ways of knowing when one of my employees are acting more suspicious then usual." The gryphon sense the danger too late as two guards enter the room and put claw cuffs onto the gryphon before taking her away. "Now that she is gone let me get you a blanket Storm" Cloud walked over to the couch before covering him with the blanket and watch him fall asleep. Cloud walked to the elevator then use it to go up a floor with the hoof scanner and said "Now let get down to the business of evil." In that room are different villains that go from a diamond dog with an eye patch, a dragon wearing royal attire, a vampire pony who collection is grand, a unicorn who crystal amazed many, and a stranger in a cloak with a keyblade.
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