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Lord Nebulous Coltenheim
by on June 12, 2022
*The royal archivist returns once again to the cities library and royal archive for another entry to add to the royal records he sat down and uses his horn to begin writing in a new blank tome*
"In the months following the return of magic to Equestria, thanks to Sunny Starscout and the harmony crystals prosperity has returned to the city of New Coltenheim and the Frozen North country yet despite this new dawn the prince has been pondering about how did magic fade from Equestria, to begin with, where did the harmony crystals come from, and who made them and why were they tied to Equestria's magic and how did Canterlot and the rest of Equestrias landscape and regions 100 years ago either faded or in ruins as well? There are many theories and speculation about it all and the prince has sent agents and scouts south to recover any information that can lead to an answer while avoiding Maretime Bay and the other two cities.
The prince believes that a major crisis occurred in the south that almost resulted in an all-out war between the three pony tribes and the magic from all of them would tear and destroy Equestria as a whole and Princess Twilight Sparkle created the harmony crystals to siphon all the magic away into the crystals and then split them into three pieces and sent them to the three tribes which explains why each leader had a piece probably passed down from generation to the next yet over time forgetting their charge. Another theory could be the same as the prince's but in this case perhaps twilight simply relinquished her Alicorn-hood and immortality to create the harmony crystals to prevent a cataclysm which could be something she would do and her nature she always puts the needs of her subjects first even if it means giving up godhood.
Until we know more the prince is putting his resources into seeking answers about the disappearance of magic and how the three pony tribes easily forgot the efforts and exploits of Princess Twilight and her friends and the lessons of friendship and harmony aside from a small few who do keep to her philosophy. As mentioned we have agents, spies, scouts, and even archeologists seeking answers to why this happened. As for the prince himself he confided in me about the harmony crystals and how safe it really is in the care of Sunny and her friends an artifact that can grant or take away magic at any time is a major risk and he is contemplating about confiscating it and bringing it here to New Coltenheim to be better protected and secured. He respects Sunny and appreciates all she's done but he does not believe she is capable or worthy of Twilight's legacy however I told him to at least give her the benefit of the doubt and to approach this matter with tact and respect.
In conclusion the more answers we get about what happened the more questions it creates and we are also investigating the crystal empire and Princess Flurry Heart and what happened to them since the Crystal Empire is the gateway to the frozen north and the site of Old Coltenheim and the whereabouts of the crystal heart. And if and when we find out what happened and discover the location of these artifacts it would be in Equestrias best interest for us to collect them and safeguard them. Since the rest of Equestria has proven that they can be easily stolen, destroyed, or lost to time."
*The Royal Archivist finishes and puts down his quill and levitates the tome to the royal archive and puts the new tome along with the rest he has written then returns to his task of going through other tomes to contribute to the prince's objective*
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