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Stickman, The Normal Stickian
by on March 24, 2022
Oh boy! Another info friendship letter! This time we go through the sectors of Stickman's World in the Prime Timeline. This friendship letter will give off what's what and when the sector debuted. Let's dive right in!
USF Base
Sector's Debut: The Planet that was Long Forgotten
Description: The place where the USF resides and where most of the world's sector power comes from due to the WEG. This building is much more roomier than the HQ and has way more rooms than the Stickman HQ. It even has a even cooler training dome!
Sector's debut: Welcome to the City of Tomorrow!
Description: (Imagine this description in an old-timey voice) Welcome to the city of tomorrow! Where the future is now! In this city, you can find amenities suited to your taste! Like the Futureopolis Mall, selling fascinating trinkets and gadgets from different worlds! Or if that's not your fancy, why not watch a sport in the Futureopolis Stadium? Fantastical sports happen here all the time! Sports or shopping not your fancy? No problem! Stay in Futureopolis's most greatest hotels! Or go partying in Nico and Pedro's Samba Club! Why dream of a great advanced-tech city when there's one all around you! Futureopolis, where the tomorrow is today!
Mysterious Mansion
Sector's Debut: ew era erehW?
Description: The mansion based off of both the Lonesome Manor from Epic Mickey and the Haunted Mansion from Disneyland, the Mysterious Mansion is sure to give you all the frights it has to offer. A popular tourist attraction after it was debuted, the Mysterious Mansion can be enjoyed year round, even if it isn't Halloween or (Insert world's equivalent of Halloween here). Feel gravity invert in the Inverted Gravity room, feel the books literally fly off the shelves in the Lavish Library, feel flesh squishing against your toes in Morbid Mounds, or play the organ in the Conundrum Cathedral (New room exclusive to the reboot)! Whatever your spooks desire, the Mysterious Mansion has it all.
Blue Macaw Forest
Sector's Debut: ??? (Haven't thought of an episodal debut for the Blue Macaw Forest here, but I'm sure it'll come to me soon.)
Description: Basically a bird sanctuary, this forest houses more than just Stickman and Jewel's Blue Macaw Tribe. It houses so many birds that you can't even think of how many birds are in this forest! But it is a pretty sight to see.
Dead Done Dunes
Sector's Debut: Stickman and the 40 Thieves (Friendship Letter to come soon!)
Description: Think Aladdin but more desert. This very hot desert is a place where you can basically build sand castles, go into an arabian nights-like area, or just race! Just be careful of the sand worm that lurks in this area.
Hot Spot Fot
Sector's Debut: Red Hot Fury (Friendship Letter also to come soon!)
Description: Who turned on the heat? Oh it's just this sector! Welcome to Hot Spot Fot, the hottest sector in Stickman's World, even hotter than Dead Done Dunes. Better get some cooling stuff, cause you'll be sweating more than a greased up pig!
Ancient Toy Land
Sector's Debut: Into the Ancient Land of Toys (Will be working on this shortly!)
Description: Who wants to feel some nostalgia? Welcome to the Ancient Toy Land, where you inner kid can come out! Glorious old toys can be found here, ones that'll make your parents get reminded of. Like Clackers!
Spark Nights
Sector's Debut: Jackpot! (Friendship Letter to come soon!)
Description: Feeling lucky? Feeling like you could have a winning streak? Welcome to Spark Nights, a clear inspiration of Casino Night Zone from Sonic 2. In this sector, you'll find a lot of wonderful casinos around every corner and fancy restaurants to go with them. Just don't lose! Otherwise you'll go broke.
Stellar Observatory
Sector's Debut: Out in the Stars (Friendship Letter to come soon!)
Description: Fancy being out amongst the stars? How about a room with a view? Welcome to Stellar Observatory, the most beautiful sector in all of Stickman's World due to it's stellar view. This sector is also a popular area amongst tourists. Can you tell why?
There probably will be more sectors to be added here in this friendship letter, but these are just a few! Expect to see more soon!
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