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Knight Wolf
by on May 3, 2021
Knight shudders in the bed, he moves around groaning
He sees flashbacks of his claws slashing through many, so many, the amount of blood he has spilled is too much yet he cannot stop, his rage is too much, Flam has taken his sister from him after he had tried to assassinate him during the peace talks, there is now no peace as he destroys Las Pegasus in his anger, as the building topple and blood fill the streets
Now weeks later he is standing in the middle of the field with his army behind him ready to head out, she stands in front of him, she the sole reason he lives today
"You have to stop, this isnt right, there has to be another way!" she says blocking him from carrying out his duty
"Why cant you see, this is what they led me to, i have always chosen to turn my eyes away but when they started attacking you and the other princesses and you wished me to do nothing? I knew then that If there is to be justice, i must carry it out," he replies
"Knight if you do this I cannot follow you," she says and his eyes widen
"You cant mean to take their side, after everything they have done to us?" he says
"I cannot stand next to you if you choose this path," she says looking into his eyes pleadingly
He looks back at her, the soft wind passing over his fur attempting to cool his heated heart and Twilight standing in front of his stopping his army from advancing on the confederations empire that defected from Equestria.
He looks into her eyes and sees the eyes that have saved him from his own darkness countless times, how many times has he looked into these eyes and found only love, how many times have theses eyes looked to him in blissful happiness. He closes his eyes and breathes deeply, and he remembers.. how many times has he seen these eyes lie to him about the pain she feels, when she was captured and tortured by those who back the confederation, the worry those eyes held when Celestia was shot, the sadness when her bachelorette party was mobbed and ruined. The amount of times she has been ridiculed and mocked simply for loving him, by those who she now wishes to protect by those who chose to abandon her and create a new empire and army simply to defy their love.
Dark clouds mover overhead blocking the sun, a dark shadow covers them all, his eyes open showing the bright glowing red eyes that have become the fear of all who oppose him.
"I never chose this path... this is the only path they will allow me to take, first their fear was on me not because they didnt understand, simply because they wished not to, and now with the foundation of Monros, their fear turned to hatred, they harassed my borders with weapons of war and threaten my citizens simply because they are different, was it not enough that they mocked our love but that they mock every creature that is different than them? I have tried for so long to not let my rage take over but they took Elizabeth from me.. am I to wait to until they take you too? I will not.. too long have they taken from me, too long have they hurt us, too long have i forgiven them, no more will I look away from those who wish me dead, they will now have their chance to kill me, but they will find it not to be so easy, " he says growling
"Knight I am warning you..if you do this it will be the end of not just peace but of us," she says and he roars
"You would stand by my side as they hurt us and abuse us and when I decide to carry out justice you would abandon me?!" he says enraged
"This is not justice," she says as she uses her magic and pulls out the engagement ring he proposed to her with, "I cannot love you if you choose to spill blood today," she says placing it on the floor in front of him, "I will save as many from your wrath," she says looking at him defiantly and he looks down with darkened eyes
"You would choose the enemy over me?" he asks looking at the ring
"The only enemy I will see is the one who decides to spill the first ounce of blood," she says as she takes off into the sky
Thunder rolls through the dark clouds as rain begins pouring over Knight and his giant army.
"My king.. your orders?" His general asks from his side
His eyes rise from the ring in bright burning rage, "YOU SWORE! YOU SAID YOU WOULD ALWAYS BE THERE!" he yelled out in anger, "The federation first took my sister and now they took what little I had left in my heart," he says as he steps forwards on the ring pushing it into the mud below him.
With a giant roar a giant shadow opens in front of his army, "FORWARD!" he yells and horns sound off as his army marches forward into the darkness and erupts outside of the federation countries and the war begins.
Countless battles later Knight would be destroying his enemies and Twilight would be healing as many as she could and should they see each other they would clash in the sky in fierce battles, many times could he have killed her but his heart always hesitated and she would get away time and time again, each time his heart would fall deeper and deeper into the darkness.
"THIS WAR HAS TO END!" Twilight yells breathing heavily as she stares accross to the one she once loved
"It will end! Once my enemies are dead," he says back looking at her coldly
"Then you leave me no choice," she says as the elements surround her spinning quickly, she had taken the elements from her friends to avoid having them dragged into it.
He creates a shadow in front of him and bites into it, slowly he pulls out his massive sword gripped in his teeth, "So be it," he replies as his aura darkens
The elements shine bright around her creating a dazzling light and around him a ball of shadow darkens becoming pitch black
Her eyes glow as she is filled with power, "I'm sorry.. In the end I didn't save you," she says as she grits her teeth and fires a giant beam of rainbow at him.
Knights eyes shine bright red in his darkness, "You chose not to save me," he says back softly, "YOU ABANDONED ME!" He yells as he shoots forward towards the beam clashing with it head on.
She feels his power colliding with hers, "YAAAHHH!!" She yells making the beam stronger
His sword clashes with the beam and he growls as it gets stronger, "RAAAAAHH!!!" he yells as his sword cuts into the beam and he starts pushing forward
He gets closer until he cuts the beam and reaches her, she looks up at him tiredly, with a soft smile, "I'm sorry," she whispers
And in his rage he swings his sword
"NOOOOOOO!!" he yells shooting up from the bed
"Knight whats wrong!" Devine says running to his side
Knight looks around, he seems to be on a bed inside a rocking ship and sees Devine
"Devine? Where are we?" he asks and she takes a moment of worry before answering him
"We are nearing Saddle Arabia," she says sitting on the bed next to him
"I see," he says as he lays back down
"Are you ok? You had quite the fight with those dragons," she asks and he sighs
"Yes.. I'm ok, just a nightmare," he says and she looks at him and giggles
"What?" he asks confused
"Nightmares? You mean to tell me something actually scares you?" she asks and he remembers his dream
"Everyone has something to fear," he says and she lays next to him, "Well you need to rest so back to sleep," she says and he chuckles
"I dont think I can go back to sleep quite yet," he says as he minds still races with the memories
"Well, if you cant get to sleep by yourself" she says sliding under the covers," Then let me help you," she says looking into his eyes and closing the distance.
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