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King Artemis
by on November 10, 2022
A full three months. A full three months had passed and yet I'm still finding struggles within my research. Arcane is a complicated center point. The subject itself is unique and vastly unpredictable. Therefore experiments, tests, and theories can so easily be stated as fact or thrown out the window in a matter of minutes. Why is Arcane the way that it is? Why is it so addicting yet so corrupt? Why does it aide powerful magic, yet create a unstable process of spell? Perhaps there isn't a why. Maybe it just is. And that is all there is to it. There is no Why towards how Arcane acts. Perhaps it just does and will continue to do. Forever and ever.
I can't stop now, however. No. Stopping now would admit defeat. And I am one that would never admit to my defeat. That Dark Lord. My Master. I am so close to finding a counter to his unique talent. His ability to generate unlimited Arcane through his body. Such a talent would be seen as a gift from the gods. But no.....all talents have a limit. And I'll be the one to find that limit. And abuse it.
His parting words from three months ago still haunt my mind. His chilling words towards what I pursue and desire. The idea that I love my research more then my own family. My wives, parents, and children. What gives him the right?! A being like that. A creature like that! He doesn't know love. Nor does he know any emotion. He sees it as weakness. As false fabrics of fiction! How dare he imply that I'd let my family die if it meant pursuing my goals in Arcane Study! I don't do this simply for the joy. I do this for many more reasons. For the guarantee of a better future with my Family. This Kingdom. These citizens. Creatures. Peasants. My love for them is few. My desire to connect with them is lost. But my family? The very few I care about? They'll be taken into a new tomorrow. A tomorrow where I'm the ruler. Where I'm the one with purpose. Leading this Kingdom into a better stage! My methods may be deemed sinful, but my good intentions outweigh my evils. Arcane is the future! For all!
And even now as I convince myself of these things, reassuring my love? I can't help but feel guilt take hold off me. For a mere two hours ago? My Master's words seem to strike in a moment of truth
Willow: "Arold, Dear. I understand that you are hard at work doing your research. However, it is getting close to late evening. Are you perhaps available for shopping in the small markets of the Kingdom?"
Arold: "My Dearest Wife, I'm currently busy at the moment. You'll have to go shopping with Midnight or perhaps Carla."
Willow: "Arold..... I think some fresh air would do you some good. Not to mention we still need to shop for Bael's birthday. He's turning ten. That's a exciting day for foals his age."
Arold: "Bael's birthday? Our son's birthday isn't even until two weeks from now."
Willow: "Arold...His birthday is tomorrow. You've been cooped in this study for so long that you are losing days. You need to get air."
Arold: "I'm busy."
Willow: "It's just for a few hours! C'mon, My Love."
Arold: "Is my work....foolish to you? My research? My hobby? My....job? Do you find this foolish?"
Willow: "! No! I'm..I know what you are doing is important....B-But.. fresh air is.."
Arold: "The why are you treating my job as if it is something I can break away from?! Do you find this easy?! Something I can just leave?! I don't have time to do some meaningless shopping!"
Willow: "It is for your son's birthday.....What of that is meaningless?!!!"
Arold: "I couldn't give less of a damn who's birthday it is!!!!!!"
Willow: " *Hic* "
Arold: " *sigh.* Willow. Dear. Wait....I didn't mean it like that..."
Willow: "Y-Y'know? There are a lot of time where I can look past your stubborn mindset. B-But y-you can be a real asshole sometimes!!!"
Arold: "Willow....wait! Don't go...I....Willow!!!.....
I'm such a fool. A worthless fool. Being so stubborn in my research that I'd ignore the simple requests of my third wife, Willow. As well as treating my son's day of birth as meaningless. I understand when I'm in the wrong. I'm no fool towards that. Just a fool in general. And I'm aware that no amount of flowers, dates, or love making will fix what I did. All I can do is make it up to her over time. Apologize and patience. That least I could do as a stubborn husband.....
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Stickman, The Missing Unicorn
A three-fer, eh?
Like November 10, 2022
King Artemis
Okay, I did another. I couldn't resist! Just felt like writing. No more for now. Don't wanna flood with only lore xD
Like November 10, 2022
Stickman, The Missing Unicorn
Lol, don't mind the lore. I do lore posts myself anyway in the form of episodes. Love telling the stories of my series. XP
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Queen Lesa
His stubbornness still remains. ;3 To be continued...
Like November 11, 2022