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Asuka Yakushi
by on November 12, 2022
6:00 AM, August 7, 2026, Ponyville.
Asuka has been up for around 2 hours this morning, and for good reason. Today was the first day of school, and Asuka wanted to make sure everything would be ready for Cyan for his first day of Kindergarten. She's packed his backpack, made his lunch, and checked, and re-checked all of his clothes for any holes, or wrinkles. She can hardly believe it's time for him to start school, even though he'd already been through Pre-K the year prior. The thought causes Asuka's emotions to swell. She almost lets a few tears trickle down her cheek, but manages to hold them back as Cyan comes trotting into the living room.
The first thing she notices is that he's not wearing the clothes she laid out for him. Instead of the nice polo and cargo shorts she chose, he's wearing his favorite "Rescue Squad" T-Shirt, and a pair of athletic shorts. Asuka huffs, and shakes her head. "Alright Cyan. I'll let you wear the T-shirt, but you need to change into your cargo shorts." Cyan looks as though he's going to protest, but appears to stop, and think for a second. "Yes mom." He sheepishly replies before shuffling back to his room. When he emerges, he's now wearing the pair of cargo shorts she picked out, albeit backwards. With a little chuckle, Asuka helps him get them on correctly before he's taken to the kitchen for breakfast.
Today's breakfast is scrambled eggs with bacon, and toast. Asuka wants to make sure Cyan has all the nutrition he'll need to get through his first day at school. Asuka goes to get Cyan a booster seat for his chair, but the colt stubbornly asserts that he can eat like a big boy at the big boy table. Asuka giggles slightly with an "Oookaaaaay~, if you say so Mr. Adult." Taking the answer as a challenge, Cyan attempts to eat his breakfast without a booster seat, only to find he can't actually reach the eggs on the other side of the plate. With a defeated huff, Cyan quietly asks his mother for the booster seat, which she happily provides.
"So. Are you excited for your first day of school?" Asuka poses a question to Cyan after he's manhandled a piece of bacon to mix in with his eggs. Cyan energetically nods his head. "Yeah! Dawn is in my class, and we're gonna play Firefighters at recess!" Asuka smiles warmly, but reminds him "Make sure you two are paying attention in class, okay? I don't want to hear that you two are giving your teacher a hard time." Cyan nods quickly. "Mrs. Scripth is nice! We won't make her mad! Promise!" He beams back a smile of his own, and Asuka appears to accept this. "Good. If you do good in the first month, Grandma and Granpa will take you to the market." Cyan appears greatly excited at this, and vehemently swears that he'll be the best student in his class. Asuka hopes he'll at least be on his best behavior. It's taken her 4 years to somewhat calm his more rowdy behavior.
After breakfast is finished, and the dishes have been put away, Cyan and his mother go to the living room for Asuka to watch the forecast for today, and so Cyan can get his backpack on. While Cyan is putting his backpack on, he takes a look around his living room for a bit. He spots a picture frame above the fireplace that he's seen before, but he's never really paid any attention to it. The picture inside appears to be of a stallion who looks kind of like him, only he's an adult, and a unicorn, while Cyan is a pegasus. Next to the photo rests a straw hat with a black band around it, which the stallion in the photo is wearing. Cyan points up to the photo, and looks to his mother. "Mom? Who's that?" Asuka looks up to the photo, and a smile forms across her face.
Asuka grabs the photo, and gently picks it up before she kneels down to show it to Cyan. "This is your Uncle, Nar. He was you aunt and my cousin, but we always saw him as a brother, like Ami does with you." Cyan observes the picture closely for a moment before his gaze turns to his mother. "Where is he?" Asuka pauses for a moment as she tries to think of an appropriate way to think of how to answer his question. "Well, you uncle was a kind, and caring person, and he as very protective of his friends and family. One day, a bad guy tried to hurt some people he was with, and he stopped the bad guy." She pauses for a moment. "Then, when the angels saw what he did, they asked him to help them, so he went with them, and now he watches over us from above." Asuka observes closely as Cyan reacts to the information. She can tell that he seems to understand what that implies. "So... He's not here anymore?" Asuka gives a small shake of her head. "He may not be here physically, but-" she then stands, and grabs the straw hat from the shelf. "Your Great Grandfather used to tell Nar that this hat was worn by every son in the family for over a hundred years, and that a little piece of each person who wore it is left behind when they leave." She looks to the hat for a few moments, then back to Cyan. "So. He's always with us." She then gently places the hat atop Cyan's head. He is stunned for a moment before he lifts the brim up to be able to see. It was more than a little too big for him. "And he'll always be with you." At this, Cyan's eyes widen a bit, and he looks back to the photo of his uncle.
The silence is broken by the sound of a voice from outside. Asuka then perks up as she places the photo back on the shelf, but she lets Cyan keep the hat. "Ooh! It's time for you to get going! You don't want to be late!" As Asuka is hurrying Cyan towards the front door, he looks back to his mother. "Mom. Am I allowed to keep Uncle Nar's hat?" To this, Asuka nods. "As long as you take good care of it, okay?" Cyan nods quickly. "I will!"
As Cyan exits his house, he is met by a small group of colts and fillies with backpacks, and 2 adults. He joins up with the group as they make their way towards the school. Cyan walks alongside two other children around his age. One is his friend, Dawn, a little unicorn filly who was a little shorter than most of the group, while the other was Dutch, a larger Earth Pony. As Cyan joins up with the group, Dutch gives him a little chuckle. "What's with the hat? It makes you look like a nerd!" Dawn responds before Cyan can, with her voice raised slightly. "Hey! That's mean! Cyan isn't a nerd!" Cyan adds to this with words of his own. "I'm not a nerd! I'm cool! Like my uncle!" To this Dutch snickers. "What makes him cool?"
"He was a hero! And I'm gonna be one too some day!"
//Aaand last post done. I'll probably stick around for the rest of the Carmies, but I won't be doing any RP, or writing during that time. After the Carmies are over, I'll likely stop signing in for the most part. Might check back every now and then, and maybe make a post or two every once and a while if I feel like it, but for now, this is where the story ends for all of my characters. Hope it's a solid enough wrap.
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//A nice little ending. Well, was a pleasure to do the small RPs we did. Hope the best for your future endeavors.
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I know I didn't see every post, but I read all of Nar's final stories. I don't know if I'll be able to bring myself to read this. I've always been horrible with bittersweet goodbyes.