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Stickman, The Missing Unicorn
by on January 22, 2023
Hello, everyone! I'm sure you're all curious if I had scrapped content from all 4 series that I've done. Well... *Pulls out big idea journal* I sure do! I'm not gonna go into every detail, but know that there have been 3 journals worth of scrapped ideas for the 4 main series, yes, including the reboot. I'm gonna go into the more interesting ones to save my fingers some room. Here we go! By the way, to save my fingers even more, I'll title each of the 4 series as such in chronological order: Original, New, Amazing, and Reboot.
Master Viper from Kung Fu Panda as both a weapon and a ally... and even a main character, New-Amazing: In New and Amazing, I had Master Viper as a main character and a living weapon that I can use to control my enemies from. I'm thinking about bringing her back for the reboot, but I need a good story to do so. It'll come to me eventually, lol. But maybe not as a main character this time. I already have 5, and I need a male main character to balance it! Haha
Drive Form Hoodie, Amazing: This one was an interesting one to experiment with. Stickman, much like the art weapons, would take a test to prove to his teacher that he was ready for a new drive form that he could activate from a pattern on his hoodie. There were 7 patterns at the time, with a total of up to 20 planned. I maaaaay bring this idea back. We'll see.
Stickman's Game Jumpers storyline, Original: This one was formed around the time Wreck it Ralph came around. The plot was that Shuto (who I will indeed be bringing back as he's such a great and intimidating villain that I wrote, more on him in a bit) would go from game to game and try and ruin it, and teaming up with Wreck-it Ralph and Fix-it Felix Jr, would stop the electrifying villain from potentially causing catastrophic errors to the game world. I may bring this plot back in the Reboot. We'll see.
Vacation plot, New: This was to start off the Stickman's New Adventures series... and would be the overall plot of the 2nd series. See, in this plot, Stickman would try to find the time to take a vacation... only to be interrupted by villainy going on. It was gonna be very comedic, hehehe
Many... MANY... scrapped 'seasons', Amazing: I had many many seasons planned for SAA. But never got around to doing them. Some will probably make an appearance in the Reboot, but some will be left to time. We'll see what happens in the future.
Shuto, Original and Amazing: Shuto was an electrifying villain that would use his powers to cause devastating blackouts and whatnot. He was as dangerous as Portero, my corrupted Illusionist, is today.
Repulse moves, Original: Hooo boy the amount of flashy moves Stickman had with this power was awesome. Stickman, in one example, would create a bubble of repulse, jump out of it, stick into it with his sword, and hammer his enemies with the bubble, basically trapping them in the bubble. He would then finish this move by tossing the bubble and flinging it toward a group, the bubble popping and launching enemies far. It was awesome. I may have him use these moves again in the Reboot.
Freddy's City, New: This was one of the sectors in my world. It held a ton of Freddy animatronics, both old and new. I'm not bringing this one to the reboot.
An unnamed female wolf main character, Original: I had at one point considered making a female wolf main character. Once again, I am not a furry. I swear. She was going to have chloromancy magic and utilize it as a support role. I may bring her into the reboot.
Aaaaand that's the major ones! I have more, but my fingers are getting tired. I'll add more to here eventually, stay tuned! There's some really interesting ones you might wanna see.
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Stickman, The Missing Unicorn
There ARE more I'm going to add here, so I'd keep an eye on this friendship letter here if I were you guys. I got tons of interesting stuff to share.
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Stickman, The Missing Unicorn
And none of you may use these ideas, as I am planning on bringing some to the reboot, or just leaving them alone.
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Stickman, The Missing Unicorn
More scrapped ideas! Stay tuned, there are more to come as I remember them!
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