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by on February 5, 2023
This is Thomas Reid of the childrens wing. Today, I will discuss another failure made by simple morbid curiosity.
I also want to put on record that despite the children being considered failures, I will always interact with them. Even the most dangerous of the sorts. Just because they are made this way doesn't mean they are worthless or unlovable.
The Conjoined is the first mutant to make me realize this. This gentle type of mutant is often loving, kind and, touchy feely. It enjoys hugs and warmth. It loves to cuddle and be recognized.
This loveable creature is the act of forcefully conjoining two babies together. This is done by putting them asleep and them surgically opening their sides. Then sewing them together by their exposed flesh. Then you take 4 ml doses of liquified "The Choke" to the neck, brain, and legs. Their bodies are then put in a cell then you wait. On scans of the aftermath, their organs and bones combined to make a spider-like creature with two human heads.
Their organs seperate and then reconnect making a large body. Their skin turns fleshier than normal (nearly a moist sensation) and oddly their blood turns entirely blue. Inside or out.
Their skulls on CAT scans are melded together and their brain activity is very limited (To be expected) but enhanced. Similar to that of cultists, their eye sockets squish to a rectangular shape but their eyes stays the same. Instead, the eyes squish and split in half. This allows for a unique vision that can only see from the entire left or right. It is blind from the front.
The elongated skull is nearly flattened from the melding process. The brain has gained (suprisingly) more wrinkles. It's arms and legs turn painfully lanky. It's hands and feet are misshapen. The hands cup and the feet sharpen. Thus allow itself to grab and move quickly.
The first iteration hand hands on one side and legs on the other. So then they had the "brilliant" idea to flip them. Thus allowing for better movement. It's ribcage and organs are under the spider like body. Any reproductive organ fell off or shut entirely.
It does seem to excrement but not urinate suprisingly. I'll spare you the details there. The heart beats as if to nearly experience a heart attack. The veins are visible. The skin is terribly pale. It did grow a very tiny tail with no skin. Similarly to our actual tail bones.
The most unique part it the spine. Which can twist and move to alleviate stress upon itself. Nearly impossible to break it's spine. Thus the spine can detach from the skul but the mutation allowed this bundle of life to have a "long range spine" by having a few tendons wrap around the brain stem. This allows for unique speed and agility.
These beings grew in size and have an elevated mind compared to the children they once (and still are!) was. However, they are small as far as mutants go. They do not stand very tall. About two feet off the ground. They weigh about 50 pounds and their diameter is that of a cheese wheel.
They eat anything that is put in front of them. However, they dislike hard to chew foods like carrots or shell fish. Thus it is advised to feed it ground up foods. It is unclear if feeding healthy vs slop matter.
This unit is not harmful but strong. To air on the side of caution, avoid letting it around the neck or head. It has happened where they accidently use their strength to break someones spine.
The behavior is that expected of a child. They can stack blocks, recognize basic colors and communicate primitively. They can understand english and respond well to high energy. They enjoy playtime and take frequent naps. They do not mentally or physically age past this.
Their life expectancy is about 12 years. Since it is young, it tried to "grow out of its skin". I will not explain further. Still it ages unlike cultists.
This was the earliest adopters to the passive group of mutant types called Smiles. Smiles have a unique human love about them. They love, create, and smile.
Which makes them even more unwanted than they already were. I-I wish I could end their suffering but instead I will love them. No matter their appearance.
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