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Electra Green
by on February 26, 2023
Got news today from the top, big mane's are coming down to introduce us to a new project. We finally can move forward with Project Genesis! I have been hoping that we'd get the chance to take G3 development to a new level! The only issue is getting the team in line before we start dishing out the new collective requirements. I wish I could list every bit of what we are doing here, but Galv says "security is top priority, so redact it all." Well, I need a way to write down my list of notes, don't I? Imagine, designing a fully functioning Artificial Intelligence Robot Pony! And not like one of those awful Equestrian Robotics droids.
We are talking full functioning, walking, pony robot, nay, cyborg-esc machine! Powered by something that won't explode when shot, too! The schematics we had tested before had shown to be a success. The hardest part is creating a neuro network to house memory, motor function, and nearly every inch of a real brain's capabilities! Sadly, it won't reach quantum computation, but the possibilities are endless!
I best not write much more on this, but I promise that when it comes to this war, we may be building something that could single handedly end it! What are the chances?!
As long as those ministry goons don't come in and stop us for bullshit reasons. Ministry of Peace would prefer healing tools, the Ministry of Wartime Technology would subsidize us and take Project Genesis, Arcane Sciences would probably help with magic, Image would paint it, Morale would use it for their own surveillance, and Awesome...well, they've been here before.
Anyways, I best really sign off now! So much to do!
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