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Amy Callihan
by on May 17, 2023
NEFARIOUS! Saw a new movie recently and it was rather... Odd. A bit scary even? The newest upcoming film is about a murderer who hides amongst the shadows as a common worker. Kinda like Patrick Bateman type. However, she is too good at it. Her entire attitude and attire. It was aspiring as a villain.
Neffy! Would lean into his seat as he squinted his eyes. Had some popcorn ready and up to his face. "I don't believe it. Not for a moment. I can see the darkness in your eyes. I'll find you. This my turf after a-" A stallion looked behind him and said. "Shut up, trying to watch the movie!" Neffy! Huffed and stayed quiet as from his eating.
After the movie, he waltzed out and stretched. He saw a sign with the pretty gal in question on the sign. "Personalized fan meetup. Once per month! Join the raffle to meet Amy Callihan and the Director, Enid Callihan! " Fishy that. Yet he saw a happy little fanboy waving around a ticket that the sign showed.
It had cute drawings on it. They have taste at least. Well, thanks for the ticket ugly. He went over and took it from him. He also pushed him over in which the crazed would throw an explosive tantrum.
Neffy! laughed and walked away with his golden ticket. He felt like he was being watched diligently now that he has a ticket. A target on his back. Plain as day. He searched around diligently but nothing.
He had a cold feeling down his spine. Whatever. I'll get over it. He sighed and waited till it was about the time they said. They were going to jump this kid, right? This cant be their meetup. Some garbage studio that is hidden in a crack in the wall basically. How's they expect a fatass to get through this? Cut off body fat? Yeah right.
Neffy! Pushed away some boxes to reach the crack. He squeezed his way through till he was inside what seemed like a squatters house. Large hollow walls that were near torn apart.
The floor was unfinished. It was all unfinished. Time to flush this trap ou- Clink. Fizzle and BANG! The explosion was enough to throw him back into the wall. He would give a pained groan. He touched his face as his jaw fell off his face. His face hidden by the smoke produced by the makeshift bomb.
He would slowly move toward a window as a voice would speak but it was hard to hear. Everything was ringing. Blood trickled from his body and face to the floor. He would cough blood up and choke on it from time to time.
Neffy! Would shakily grab his Cult book. Blood all over the book. He noticed some of his fingers flew off. Fuck it. He would turn around to face the attacker but before he could do anything, he fell. Slumped onto the wall with a window.
I've lived a long life. I've seen people come and go. Admittedly, I was truly disturbed. However, to say I didn't learn would be a lie. I learned in the end love can make people do odd things. Of course this happens when I have someone to protect. When I finally felt the care of someone else and not some pawn. Someone who loved my flaws and oddities like me.
I truly am an idiot. A kid who solved nothing at all. What am I doing? This solved nothing coming here. Damn it.
Everything felt so cold. Is this what it feels like? So sad. Helplessness?
Neffy looked up at the two blurry figures. Can't hear. Barely see. Barely feel. A sad ending? For me? No. Hardly. Everything becomes so clear when you lose it all.
The pain of bones crushing. Knives peeling. I admit... I felt the whole thing. It hurt beyond anything I've ever endured. I deserve this.
It's my fault. A loud mouthed braggart who resorts to force in all instances. I have no personal space. Angry. The fact anyone loves me at all is paradise.
It only made sense to lose it all. I am...NEFARIOUS! Everything feels so exposed. Guts and all. The bites that sink in are so cold. Neffy! Held up a blood stained book.
He would endure this torture for just a moment longer. Neffy used the last of his strength to be NEFARIOUS! He would peirce his book as it started to bleed. His arm seemed to have been cut off.
Whatever. I bestow this blessing to Brimstone. Rid these vermin off MY STREETS. He looked at the two. One orangeish and one an odd green. I'll show you a real explosion
He looked up as if to say. "Fuck you." His body fizzled and so did the book until the entire one side of the building blew into bits. A greet cloud of smoke covered the area in a NEFARIOUS! Poison.
It may have not been the original two but two down.
A set of monsters was slain. Me and these two. Good riddence.
Good night.
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