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by on May 18, 2019
Brimstone would be relaxing on his favorite bench. He finally felt like he could just sunbathe without getting in harm's way. He finally felt like he had some free time. Well, right up until a lengthy bipedal creature would approach him along with some royal sun guards. Brimstone would look at them as they stopped in front of him. He would frown as the tall one wore some sort of ceremonial garb. Like some sort of Acolyte or priest. The Acolyte would have a long robe with odd symbols with a mask ...
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by on March 29, 2019
'Brutus would have come home after venturing for a bit. The oasis was his true home and it is true that he should spend it with that family. But something seemed off. The oasis, the town that would always have visitors would be empty. He grew concerned. Where is Sand Dune? What happened? He would have gotten mad as he would transverse through the sandy shantytown with careful quickness. He would stop at the sight of 6 goons that seemed quite out of place. They almost looked like a milita in gree...
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