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Queen Lesa
by on May 19, 2023
Becoming a Queen was no easy this stage it was only a title, but that title would become reality. Lesa wasn't born into a royal family she didn't have any royal bloodline in her whatsoever none that she was aware of. She married into it. She had everything she ever wanted a loving husband and a beautiful daughter~ yes there was a small rumor going around the Castle that The Queen might be pregnant again, but that was only a rumor~ nevertheless tough times were ahead... with her husband's condition getting worse by the day she was put through training... royal training it was a precaution... a precaution that Lesa didn't like thinking about. In truth she was worried a tad stressed out it was a emotional rollercoaster an extreme one at that... but she was doing rather well so far, she might be a strong, brave and passionate pony... but everyone had breaking points. Question was when would be her breaking point? Only time would tell... for now more training was in order.
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