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Misty Nights (PR)
by on September 8, 2023
It was a dark and stormy night and the flim flam brothers stood, gazing upon their Creation madly.
"I'm amazed you found ţ̵̺͙̳̱̾̆̅̚͝r̶̺͉̱̹̳̈́̋̋͛ight brain, oh brother of mine," Flim said, as he took another Sip of his whiskey.
"'Tis the most beautiful invention we've conceived yet!" Flam c̶͍͓̹̠̾̐̅͌̚͜ackled, rubbing his hooves together in glee.
Before the two conniving brothers stood a larger-than-life mechanical likeness of the t̸̡̛̜̘̹͕̓̈̅̒h̶̤̺̯͓̪̄̀̐͗̄e̸͚͖̹̻͍̓̊͋̾͠ tall and regal Princess of Equestria herself, Her Royal Highness Twilight Sparkle! Flam flipped a large switch on the wall. thunder crashed, and the mecha-twilight sprang to lifed
Twilight Sparkle then said, "Feed me!"
"I like to play Donkey Kong while eating doritos and pepsicola. My favorite tank is the swedist Strv-103 DANI (and artur) WAS HERE" . . . she said.
"...That was a strange tangent" Flim said.
'Indeed'." replied his brother. "Now, how can we use this to our advantage..."
"Hmm, Princess Twilight and tanks..." mused Flim.
"Tanks? I was thinking of the Doritos." said Flam.
"Yes, those too, and the Pepsi." Flim replied, with a nod of his head.
"How about this, brother of mine.. We've created a Twilight Sparkle... But now we need a Pepsi man!"
"Pepsi! Ah-ah-ahhh!" Flam sings.
"Fighter of the Cola and Mountain Dew...Pepsi."
"It's just the ɒ̵̨̹̳̻̼̄̈́̈͗̚ thing to bring joy to you .... Pepsi!! However, there wasn't a crȯ̴͖̣͕̭̳͂̾̾̚ẁ̵͚̪̗̬͌̔̈̏͜d̷̛̼͚͎͓͑̈́̋͝ͅ of gullible townsponies near by, so the song soon died down.
Three blocks away, Twilight Sparkle, the real one, sat drinking root beer. But Rootbeer sucks so really shes not the real one.
with a  press of the button, the television screen turned off; leaving a bewildered and slightly Confused audience questioning what they just watched. Within the broadcasting  booth , Pepsi Princess Twilight Sparkle laughed Maniacally, unscrewing a crystal Pepsi and planning her next Ruse!!!
Just then, a portal op en n e d and a car ran over all the twilights in record time! [s]Sh[/s]The door opened,and the pony driving the car Was... Twilight from the future!
She Screamed in horror... Seeing the Coke man!
She went BaCK TO THe Past.. TO GeT CAk OFF! THE! HENU!
And Once the Cake was finally off the menu was the eternal paradox Of Pepsi and Coke fixed. the freindship lesson so Obtuse and Obvious She didn't feel the need to explain it. She ended up relaxing, th̷̢̞̯͙̖͌́̑̍̕ree blocks away, Drinking root beer.
The end.
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Amy Callihan
Not confusing enough. 11/7 read my slime.
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It was beautiful though
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Princess Lily
I thought she was a bot?!
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