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Asuka Yakushi
by on November 4, 2023
Alone, exhausted, and battered, but Asuka was not without hope.
She'd made it all the way from Vanhoover. Gotten through Ponyville, and made the arduous journey up the mountains towards Canterlot. Now, her goal was in sight. All she had to do was get inside the city gates, and her journey would finally come to an end.
Your Zombie Forecast
Swarm Size: Don't bother counting
Aggression: How are you supposed to even survive this?
Time of Day: Late Morning.
A Solar guard looks out over the capitol's walls at the small swarm of zombies below. They're mostly wandering about in the areas away from the gate, leaving it alone for the most part. They may be undead, but they seem to understand that they won't be busting down the gate anytime soon. His ears perk as a new sound can be heard in the distance. The guard lifts his arm to block the sun, and narrows his eyes in an attempt to focus on something in the distance. When he finally spots it, he's shocked. It's a car, going full speed up the hill towards the gate. He hadn't seen a car, or even anything not undead come up the hill in months. He quickly turns to fetch his comrades.
Tires squeal, quickly followed by the loud crumpling of metal as Asuka's car slams into an unseen barricade, covered with undead bodies. Asuka's face slams into the steering wheel's airbag with great force, but thankfully, she suffers only minor injuries. Without much thought, Asuka grabs all the supplies she can, and her metal bat, then kicks open the car door, and begins a mad sprint towards Canterlot's gate.
The sound of the crash appears to have caught the attention of the nearby swarm, and perhaps, quite a few more undead, now making their way up the hill towards the gate. Asuka is forced to weave through the grasping arms of the undead in order to escape. Her heart races, but her mind is focused on a single goal. Get to the gate.
Upon breaking free of the horde, Asuka has a good 100 yards or so to the gate, with no undead in her path. Only, the gate is closed. How is she going to get inside?
A group of shadows passes over Asuka as she passes the 50 yard mark. She looks over her shoulder just in time to see a group of pegasai Solars landing behind her. Apparently to cover her retreat to the gate. "Keep running!" One shouts back to her. He doesn't need to tell her. She never intended on stopping anyway.
The Solars make a fighting withdraw as Asuka closes the distance to the gate. They methodically thrust spears into undead, and take a few steps back in a coordinated, and practiced formation. All the while, more pegasai fly down to support the formation, with a few moving to follow Asuka, and keep her protected. Once they make it to the gate, they turn, and prepare to fight until the guards up top are allowed to open the gate. One of the Solars suggest flying Asuka into the city, but they don't want to risk her being dropped.
The remaining Solars slowly fall back as the swarm rapidly increases in size. It's not long before the group is forced against the gate, now stuck in a desperate melee.
Deep rumbles shake the ground. Zombies are tossed left and right by a hulking figure rushing up the road. Soon, the image of a zombie, 10 feet tall, and as wide as a van is seen barreling towards the gate.
Light flashes from above, alongside a voice. "I'll handle this!" For a moment, Asuka is stuck with awe, as a radiant Solar adorned in flaming armor, wielding a great, emblazoned sword descends into the horde. With each slash of his sword, a gout of fire erupts, turning zombies to ash. Their confidence renewed, the other Solars fight hard to push back the zombies, and link up with their superior. However, in the chaos, the two Solars guarding Asuka are surrounded by undead, and are forced to retreat back into the sky. They attempt to shout to their comrades, but the horde is simply too loud.
Asuka tries her best to fight off the swarm around her, but there's little she can do, being so heavily outnumbered. One of the Solars attempts to swoop down, and pick her up, but as he begins to climb back into the sky, he looses his grip, and Asuka plummets back into the horde below, where she never emerges again.
You have perished on the  DEATH ROAD TO CANTERLOT
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