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Baron Redpath
Baron taps his hoof and sighs "welp i need a new friend aint got a single rp goin... any takers rp with the redneck."
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Baron Redpath
//so this is where ive been for the last week or so broke my hand so now... im suppose to not do alot with it but, lets be real lol, my right hand too...
Carmine Gumshoe
please don’t break bones, i’m pretty sure that’s against TOS
Unless he means being right hand dominant.. But...
Carmine Gumshoe
h huh
Baron Redpath
It was the ice. It was its fault. ;(
Ice Wisp
No it wasn't!
Baron Redpath
Dont lie u broke my hand!
Howed you break it
Baron Redpath
Slipped on some ice or slush getting out of my lifted ram 1500, fell tryed to stop myself ended up breaking and jamming something called meta somthing in the wrist, i can still use my index finger and thumb but thats basicaly it
Could be worse I had a 3rd dig. burn on my hand at one point. Im lucky it healed fine and it doesn't look like a scrot
Break more bones.
Baron Redpath
//thought i got the together shot lol oh well
The little mare just stares.
Bright Brave
Baron Redpath
"Harder than hell to take there pictures anymore." //lol behold a couple of my childeren. One of the left is merkava and on the right is adalie, picturw was done by my wifes @dibby
Bright Brave
Dibby is a nice wife
Baron Redpath
Baron sighs deeply after looking at his phone, his next investment was probably gonna set him back about 3600 to 4000 dollars "so im gonna be broke here in the next couple of weeks... mostly the admin...View More
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Bright Brave
" investment "
Baron Redpath
This all ive done all day long lol, batteries dead and waxing is a long process
Bright Brave
Dam son. That's not a bike.... THATS A CHOPPER!!!!
Baron Redpath
It dont have the battery though so you cant GET TO DA CHOPPA
Too bad about the battery, but it looks nice
Baron Redpath
//welp i bought myself this its a axial sxc10 1955 f-100, dont know much about them yet but i know this its Fucking Awesome!
Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
I'm not sure if you're gonna fit in there my man
Baron Redpath
My fat big toe does (forgot to mention its 1/10 scale so its pretty big)
Carmine Gumshoe
i’m so mad at how long it took me to realize that this wasn’t life sized cool truck though!
Baron Redpath
//not usually one to ask this especially on a site of any kind but if theres anyone willing to talk that isnt a complete ass, i really need someone to talk too, had a pretty rough week. And all my irl...View More
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