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what is doom about?
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Mina May Marzipan
killing demons
Ice Wisp
Oregon in general
Oregon sucks. I feel bad for anyone involuntarily living there. Love, CA & WA gang
Lavender Dawn
Humans thought harvesting energy from hell was a good idea, worth the potential consequences. The potential consequences happen. People get scared and try to awaken an immortal demon killing badass to stop the legions of hell possessing people. The demons panic and invade to stop that from happe...View More
if cats are liquid and bird are flexible does that mean griffin can do the exact same thing as cats?
Radiant Dawn
Yes that and more
i ask a few different people and most of them said yes two had good idea like one said "A cat and a giraffe have the same number of vertebrae in their necks" another said "only the cat part" a joke one was a gryphon fit it sit, another one was "A gryphon can fit into any box" so that is all i have ...View More
Radiant Dawn
Understandable. Always good to get other perspectives to questions
can someone explain five night at freddy's
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Demonic H Hooves
Scott Cawt "lol, you guys said my models look scary? well I made this funny little horror game" internet "this is the best game ever made and for the next three years I will base my whole personality around it" Scott Cawt "well I mean I don't know if that's the bes- internet "I also bought two copi...View More
What if pinkie talked to the other versions of themselves?
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Vy Thresh
That'd be awesome
can someone explain BioShock?
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I will if somone can explain kingdom hearts
polo fastter
it all started a long time ago when the light and darkness collated and kept going, after that a boat load children appeared with key blades, five leader got together then, shit happened. bla bla bla. two bro got key blade, [blank] they train three other people all three started fighting emo bro, on...View More
Carmine Gumshoe
anti-capitalist message with slug-infested little girls and scary diver men with drill arms in a very very small nutshell .... probably
polo fastter
BIG DRILL DIVER MAN, genetic insane people, L O R E, pure freedom, YOUR DUM ASS RUNNING, part 2. YOU ARE OLD BIG DRILL MAN, genetic insane people, L O R E, BIG SISTER, REBERTH.
The 1900's era, with its industrial expansion and lowering of morals, gives birth an entrepeneur who decides that only way that humanity can truly live to its potential, unshackled, is to start a new Utopia. He does so, creating it on the bottom of the sea. However, due to its lax laws and loose def...View More
can someone explain animal crossing?
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Bright Brave
A worthless fantasy of living in an accepting community. P.S. also Furrys
Dream Vezpyre
It takes a furry to know. Henlo furry.
Bright Brave
I've never been to FA, and I don't have a fursona. I don't know what you want from me. I wish I had a fursuit~
polo fastter
no one calls it furaffinity that unless they own an account on it.
Closet furry haha
Bright Brave
can someone explain five night at freddy's?
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A cringly popular game for 12 YOs
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