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Female. Lives in  Ponyville,  Equestria. Born on November 4, 1996
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Canon Equestria
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The wolf happily rolls around in a mound of dirt. If you were to look closely, she might even be smiling. Just a little bit.
Knight Wolf
Knight sees the wolf from far away, he does see a glimpse of a smile, so he decides to wait and see how long it takes her to notice him
Mikaela does not notice him. She's too busy with her D I R T
Knight Wolf
Knight had never seen another wolf so in love with dirt, he decides to go next to her, he keeps himself pretty clean so he paws the dirt first, then lays in it, it is kinda soft, maybe if he rolls a little..
She immediately stands up and growls at him. "GET YOUR OWN DIRT! THIS IS MINE!"
Knight Wolf
Knight grins, he then starts rolling ever rougher into the dirt
Bright Brave
What an animal.
added new photos to her album "Mikaela"
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A snarly baby
“You’re teleported into the heart of the Everfree. What 3 items would you want with you? I’ll tell you how long you’d live.”
Frost Bite the Guardian
Frost thought long and deeply about it. "Wine flask, book, and boops."
Adrian Coalhopper
"A stick of butter. Salt. Pepper. I'm as good as lunch for anythin' in there anyways."
Bright Brave
Dreadnaught class terminator armor. Power sword. Heavy Lazcanon.
The dragon twitches, grabbing a normal lasgun before just screaming. "FOR THE EMPEROR!!!"
Bright Brave
"Don't forget your bayonet sweety~"
She'd smile and nod, happily attaching the Bayonet and giving him a thankful nuzzle!~ Before just screaming again.
Bright Brave
Christopher Micheal
“A dummies guide to survive the everfree, camera to take pictures, and uh... Flashlight?”
Yami Crosshide
all i need is you
Scarlet Gleam
Um...My bunny and some books. And i wouldn't survive a day.
Carmine Gumshoe
“Someone who can tell me what’s edible, a water bottle, and a *really* big stick!”
Honey Glow
A unicorn, a map and a muffin
Smoke (Obsilion)
A knife, box of matches, and a water filter.
a knife, water bottle, book of edible plants.
Mikaela howls the Slumbering Weald theme.
Seir Genevieve
Seir claps and weeps at the beautiful melody.
Happy Birthday! *throws cake at*
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“What ponies need to realize about me is that I’m not mean; I’m just a were-bitch, and I transform in the light of the full moron.”
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Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
"What about half a moron, will that do it for you?"
"Partial transformation."
Full moon must be out all day then
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