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Forgotten Monarch

Male. Lives in N/A,  Crystal Empire,  Equestria. Born on May 4, 2001
Umbrum Unicorn
Roleplay Universe
Canon and AU Crystal Empire
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Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxus rode on a magical flying paintbrush that was making a trail of rainbow paint. He soon smiled to them. He then passed a large gift over to them.* Happy Birthday!
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Serina Novix
Spots this dark coated unicorn of similar green eyes and cant help but to slowly walk closer and peek on him. Trying her best to not get to close and potentially disturb him but her curiosty makes her...View More
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Forgotten Monarch
The king, once mighty and above others, noticed her presence rather immediately. She wasn't exactly the embodiment of stealth, not to forget that he had supernatural senses like most Umbrum. He was their king after all, the champion of his kind. "I know you're there. Come out." He did not have any ...View More
Serina Novix
All of her ears would perk up by his words and she right away stepped forward. Almost trotting to him as she said. "Sorry if i disturbed you, i just spotted you and thought i....well i say hello." she shruged at him lightly.
Forgotten Monarch
The king is currently attempting to concoct some poison for Cadence.
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Minsa Rousain
"How are you going to start on a poison before figuring out your method of delivery?" Minsa shrugs. "I mean, not that I've considered poisoning someone before, but wouldn't you need to make sure that they'll actually....get the poison?"
Forgotten Monarch
The king is currently pondering the qualities and medical remedies of crystals, books strewn about his study and many floating around him as he constantly congeals information and tidbits of knowledge...View More
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Minsa Rousain
The use of healing properties in baking had always been of great interest to Minsa, the possibility of helping others in such a momentous way with just a treat a goal of hers....and so when she had heard from others and her research that there may be some such power found in the Crystal Empire, the ...View More
Forgotten Monarch
||My baby loves my computer xD she's a pastel ball python, her name is Porphyria. She's an absoute heccin peach
Amity Guard
Gotta get that w a r m
Pinke Pie
He is a slitherin' boi
Phoenix Genevieve
Unless it’s just the lighting, that doesn’t look like a pastel at all :eyes:
Forgotten Monarch
It's the lighting. Her pastel is mild but it's enoigh that the professional we bought her from says she is a pastel. Her brother monty was a LOT darker.
noodlr lob her
What about the dress ? Cause all i can now picture in my head is your oc wearing a dress
Bright Brave
Bright Brave
What she eat? How know girl?
Icy Creation
I see Discord.
Queen Umbra
the queen finds this creature adorable, this creature should be spared from harshness.
Man be over here talking to Jingles
Ice Wisp
Woof woof
Bright Brave
Id talk to Jingles if they'd let me. ߘ
Forgotten Monarch
((the lich king, monster of all monsters~ Drawn within the last hour by yours truly! ^3^
Dr. Marina Bleu
Bright Brave
He's no Godzilla. But he's nice
Commander Wyatt Ryder
Well, I'm going to have nightmares now, thanks.
Zia and Friends
Wow! That’s so cool
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