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Mirror Mirror
by on October 21, 2021
Greenery on all sides soon gave way to the familiar clearing which housed the cottage Mirror called home, and she made her way to the door, face set with determination and head held high. The illusion of confidence provided her with just enough real confidence that when she pushed open that door and stepped inside, she really was ready to confront Faith. She had practiced in her mind exactly what she would say.
But Faith was not there. A quick glance confirmed that. No lights were on in any rooms, and the door to Faith's bedroom was open. She was simply gone.
With panic already setting in, Mirror looked for any clue as to where she might have gone. Anything at all. Her cloak was still on the hook, her desk still held her quill and an ink pot. An ink pot? Faith must have been writing something, though no scroll was on her desk, and that thought drew Mirror's eye to the table where a scroll lay in silent wait. It was tied shut with a violet ribbon and showed no signs of duress. That calmed her, and Mirror went to the table. She took a seat. Carefully, she untied and opened the scroll so she could read what appeared to be a letter.
Mirror -
When you read this, I will already be gone. I’m looking for something and I won’t come back without it, so don’t come after me. I’ve got a cloaking device that means you won’t be able to track me even if you use all the magic at your disposal, and you’ll only hurt yourself if you try.
We can’t be together until I can find a golden apple and break that spell you cast. You won’t be safe if I stay with you - I can’t even let you spend time with a friend without hurting you. I might not ever come back, so this next part is important, Mirror.
Don’t you dare wait for me.
I’ll not have you waste another moment of your life on getting me back, not when you have friends out there and so much potential. Go spend time with them. Live the life you should’ve had. And if that means that I lose you to someone else, then so be it.
No matter what comes next, my Mirror, you must survive.
There are so many things I wish I could say to you before I go, but I can’t risk seeing you again before I leave, or I might be stupid enough to stay. Farewell for now. When next we meet, I’ll fix everything, and if you can find it in your heart to forgive me that will be more than I deserve.
I love you.
I just wish it hadn’t taken me so long to realize it.
Yours always,
There was a long moment of stillness as Mirror read and re-read the words inked on the page. First she was angry, and then worried, frightened, disappointed, and then it overwhelmed her and she was just nauseous.
A part of her was almost glad, too. She had been ready to confront Faith, but she had been terrified, too, of what the world would look like when she couldn't trust Faith. If this was real, then... then she could still trust Faith. Faith had not truly wanted to hurt her. She had felt backed into a corner, and now she was doing her best to make things right, and Mirror could understand that so much more easily than she could understand a world where Faith was her enemy.
She stayed there, staring at the letter for a long time as if waiting for something. It had been so easy to go back to life with Faith. It had felt so simple and perfect, even in those moments that were filled only with distress and pain, which always seemed as if they would never pass. Even when she had realized the truth, she had fought against her own mind to avoid accepting it. And now... now, she could only wait.
Mirror had never before struggled with her own identity or with finding a goal of her own. Everything had always been Faith: she would escape the castle with Faith, she would live in the forest with Faith, she would do whatever needed to be done to heal Faith, she would live out her last days with Faith. Even with doubt clawing at her, she had never intended to strike out on her own. The plan had been to fix things with Faith so that they could be happy again.
Now Faith was gone, really gone, and she had made an impossible request. She had told Mirror to move on.
"But... I cannot. No matter what I try, I always fail. Always. I thought that this time, I had finally done something real and right. I thought... I thought I could be enough."
Mirror's whispered words only made the cottage feel hopelessly large and empty.
She stood from the table at once, knocking over her chair, and she moved with sudden purpose, because she could not stay in this cottage alone for even one night. It did not matter where she went. Anywhere in the world was better than here. First, she stopped in her room, and she tied her mane up into a bun that would keep it out of her face. She retrieved a few items, including her hat, and she shut the doors of every room on the second floor of the cottage. It felt wrong to leave them open.
Each item was added carefully to the basket that she had taken with her before, and then she added Faith's letter on top. Mirror always traveled lightly; all that remained was to cover the contents of the basket with a spare white cloak. She tossed her red cloak over herself. One last glance around the cottage and she was ready to go.
It was time to make herself a part of the real world, whether it wanted her or not.
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