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Misty Nights (PR)
by on December 3, 2021
Hello, everyone!
We are here once again at this time of the year where we celebrate the birthday of Canterlot Avenue. That’s right, Canterlot Avenue has reached 4 years of being online serving the community, and being a place for new experiences for all. We are so happy to have reached this amazing milestone and we’re happy that you were able to be a part of this. Whether you joined yesterday or have been here since day 1, we appreciate the time and support that you have given us through our ups and downs.
Canterlot Avenue originally started as a small project developed by Corona, which was meant to serve as a replacement for the ever missed, Pony/Bronysquare. With the help of former Ponysquare/Bronysquare staff, a team was put together which we refer to as “The OGs.” This team consisted of both a small number of moderators and team leads of the Squares who wanted to see this fandom continue along, even if it meant in a new place. With their help, along with new additions to the team, such as Comp and Snow Storm, we were able to establish a much more clear direction for the website and, thanks to Snow Storm, we had our official logo along with some wonderfully designed mascots that we still use today. Now that there was a vision, which was for us to become the desired place for fans of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series, with an extension to the soon to come, My Little Pony: A New Generation series, development planning was started. Thankfully, after a tweet that was sent to, now our parent company, Poniverse, they kindly reached out to us with an interest in taking in our little project and making it part of their roster of services that they provide.
After our merger, we proceeded to reach the next step which was to purchase the necessary software needed for us to have a platform ready, which the deadline was set for December 4th of 2017. Fast-forwarding ahead, the long-awaited day finally arrived. It was launch day! This day was going to be the day that got everything in motion. Most of the team was still either at college or at work, but we set aside some time to make sure that the launch happened on time.
Then, the switch was flipped and….Well, our servers were struggling because of the influx of traffic. No, seriously, there were so many of you attempting to join at once to earn your spot in the top 100 for our special badge, that our servers were having trouble keeping up! But no other moment felt great for all of us in the team than seeing so many people excited to join a new place that they’d call their home. It was heartwarming.
Many years have passed since that initial moment. This website has gone through many ups and downs and a lot of people have come and gone; however, we have done our best to ensure that this place continues to remain online and still serve as a home for those in our fandom who are looking for one. Many things have changed, and while we have made some progress and improvements, there will always be more work to do. With your support and loyalty, we know that Canterlot Avenue will remain accessible to all fans of the MLP series for many years to come. We hope that you all who have been with us through and through will continue to be a part of the community to celebrate more milestones with us. The entire Canterlot Avenue team appreciates all of you and we will do our best to ensure CA continues to be a hub where you, and new users, can rely on to make new great memories and establish meaningful friendships at.
As one fatherly figure once told a very young pony: We’ll do our part. Hoof to heart!
If you have made it to the end of this long message, then you will finally learn how you can earn yourself a free badge! You can use this badge to show that you were here for this milestone. In past years, we only have limited the ability to earn a badge to 1 to 2 days; however, this year we want to give everyone the opportunity to earn this badge, so this year’s event is rather simple.
You will have 1 week from today to share one of your most meaningful memories that you have had while being a part of Canterlot Avenue. It can be whatever you want, as long as it is maintained within the guidelines of the website, of course. If you do not wish to share a memory and simply would want to request the badge, you may do so as well.
You must comment on this blog to count as requesting for the badge.
The badge will be handed out at the end of the event date, which will be on December 11th at 2 AM Central Time US. Once this time is reached, comments will be locked.
From all of Canterlot Avenue's staff, we thank you for being a part of this milestone with us. And hopefully, we see you be a part of many more years.
-Canterlot Avenue Staff
While im not active here all the time the friends i have made from here are some of the best I've ever made and i continue to regularly rp and talk to them. Im not the most sociable but im glad to have been here and see this place stick around through a serious dryspell in the community.
I just like being in the background seeing everyone have fun. It almost sounds kind of sad when I say it but I honestly enjoy just reading through the wall and taking part in some of the dumb posts with some of my friends. Also some of you don't have a mailbox and I can't give you your mail.
I have to say that my favorite memory this year is learning that I was someone's inspiration to keep doing art and being confident about their art It makes me happy every time I think about and remember it.
Charlie Gabriel Blaze
Bryce (Awesome) Shades
I honestly may not talk to all that many people or others on this site but I'm thankful for just how nice everyone is here, how easy it can be to just respond to the crazy shenanigans that go on daily, I think honestly I'm just happy with how welcoming and random this place really can be even if I'm...View More
Silver Shield and Bryce (Awesome) Shades are pretty cool and I have had fun RP interactions with them as Nieve.
Eris The Panda
Just making new friends tbh Pizzamovies would have to be my favourite friend on here he’s so nice and adorkable oh And Corona Lionheart IV also nice aswell!
Eeeeeee I’m gonna go cry now. T—T
Tacopone loves pizzapone
Corona Lionheart IV
whoa i'm nice?
Chiller Sway
Hey there CA, I'm super late to the party because of this broken foot and all the pain+sleepiness that came with it. I haven't kept up with this comment section either, dang it. But I have made it for the badge. I haven't missed our previous anniversaries!! Not my favorite, I'm not in the headspac...View More
Dr. Marina Bleu
meeting Flam
Hemlo yes i am here. My best memories of this site are of doing those rps with marina! As well as the knight wolf rp!
Flim Flam Avenue though
It was a true shame i had to give up the rights.
Yeah! The rp storyline we had was intense and fun! I loved playing the villian.
Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
That conflict between chosing between Knight Wolf and Flam though a while back ago really actually kinda made me crazy though, Flam.
Referring ti the knight wolf rp where i didnt press reply :(
A good villian does that :)
Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
Yes. Whereas in the Knight Wolf timeline I was quite hectic... in the real world... let's just say my mind wasn't really straight for a few weeks in the real world. It was conflicting chosing between Knight and Flam whereas all my guy wanted to do was protect what was right.
Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
Eventually, after all that and the time skip, I eventually allied myself with Knight once more and kept a permanent alliance with him. Protecting those who are close to you, even if the ponies haven't really done much to help the force, is my one true goal on my mind at this point. Now we got a huge...View More
Corona Lionheart IV
Thank you to all of those who shared some of their best memories on CA with us. This comment section is now officially closed, and the badge will be issued out as soon as possible.

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