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Lavender Lily
by on April 2, 2022
Lavender Lily couldn't sleep, her mind was still restless from having not been used the whole day. She mockingly recounted notable interactions, "How many bundles? Where do you want it shipped? It doesn't matter that it's only one rod, that's the price, I don't know what flower that smell is coming from!" She had paced her room, quietly shouting at no one. With a groan, she kicked her bed before flopping onto it. Facedown in her pillow, she thought to herself, how long has this been going on for? Counting up the months, it was coming up on a year.
Officially one year since they had moved to Ponyville, away from all the sorry ponies' sorry looks she had to come to call home... enough time to find new ones here, she grimly thought. Lavender rolled onto her back, staring up at the ceiling of her room, the soft buzz of the fan filling the silence. One year free of high school, and all the shallowness that came with it. It was cathartic in the moment, to run back on stage as Miss 'Who-Gives-A-Fuck' was receiving her diploma and nailing her right in the muzzle to the horrified gasps of the crowd and flashing lights of cameras, the bitch nearly fell off the 4-foot stage and now she'd never forget it. Of course, she and her family were kicked out of the reception afterward, but Lavender was only thinking then of the train station and the things she had yet to pack.
She sighed blissfully, having rectified years of senseless bullying. Well, maybe not senseless, but all she wanted was to be left alone- how could protecting her space be a justified cause for years of torment? For one thing, it was preferable when fillies and colts would rightly choose to leave her alone, but as they found their courage and nursed their contempt Lavender found she couldn't escape them.
With a shudder, she sat upright on her bed, worn-in memories replaying once again; Miss 'Who-Gives-A-Fuck' and her friends taking turns tripping Lily as they were forced to participate in outdoor activities, the rumor that was spread by 'Her' of who the mare was that had 'transmitted' her ailment to the young stallions in Student Council- that was a maddening talk to have with the staff and parents, but at least it built her infamy up enough to win her the title of Prom Queen, perfect for a reenactment of the magic-horror flick Carrie. That last one still stung, painfully. Lavender wiped the single tear that had managed to well up and shook herself of the past. All things considered, it was only one mare and her entourage that ever caused her harm, the main body of her classmates were indifferent- preferring the drama of their own lives (Though no one could look away from Carrie). The few acquaintances she had managed to form were enough for her own peace of mind, but all the same, it was easy to leave them behind as well.
None of it mattered anymore if it ever did. It wasn't like she took her punishments in hoof, for every jab she got there was an equal-and-opposite reaction. Lavender snickered as she got off the bed, opening the door to her small porch. The night air was fresh against her coat, Summer was still settling in and Spring hadn't yet left. Breezey nights like this were just the trick if she ever found she couldn't sleep. She sat down and folded her arms over the railing, lazily resting her head on them as she dangled her legs out through the gaps. One year passed, and now she was in Friendshipville where the famous story of Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends had played out. It was surreal:
A) For The Quintessential Story of Friendship to be written as she was giving and receiving pummels from a once-friend.
And B) For her to now live here, amongst some of those very icons.
She didn't really talk to any of the mares who still lived here, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, or The Princess. Sometimes Rainbow Dash would bolt through town on her way to Sweet Apple Acres and stay for a few days, and, even rarer, Rarity would sometimes pass through to check on her boutique before disappearing again across Equestria. Anytime any of these ponies were in Lavender's line of sight she would feel an intense case of Derealization. They were real and they were her neighbors: What? She minded her business, choosing to simply leave the weirdness of that fact untouched. Weirder things had happened to her since moving here anyway. She thought back to the ponies of the town and wandering strangers, some were as quippy as her and seemed to relish exchanging cutting remarks as a sort of sparring match. Lavender begrudgingly admitted to herself that though they pissed her off to no end, dragging them to the hospital after they inexplicably landed and passed out in front of her, emasculating dumb stallions who thought they stood a chance with her if they were persistent enough, and helping them escape the ire of other drunkard ponies by making them lug her groceries through the park woods was some of the most fun she'd ever had. It was kind of sad, but that was the truth, paired with kind-hearted ponies and the town's Genuity it was hard for her not to feel at ease around them. She was mean, sure, but they weren't, they were in fact weird, but so was she, and that was something Lavender could only thank them for tonight in her privacy.
"Hmm, thank you." Friendship was like a supernatural force here, she thought, it just compelled ponies to seek each other out and form bonds. Not that she wanted them, she told herself, it must be said supernatural force bringing up old feelings. She could hardly keep amicable work relationships with the ponies downstairs in the shop who weren't her aunt. Why then, was she sitting here wistfully dangling her hind hooves and staring up at the big white moon, musing thoughts about friendship? If anyone caught her here they'd be dead. What was going on with her? Sighing, Lavender stood up and gave one final look at the street and closed-up shops all illuminated purple, it was pretty.
She then went back inside and closed the porch door behind her, slumping back into bed and pulling the covers over herself. She was now sufficiently tired and, curiously, tranquil.
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Lavender Lily
// Really long! Just wanted to try out the blog feature and make up some lore on the spot. I referenced some old and new rps from here, mentioned Lav's old friend/bully, and even... The Main Six!?!?! Yeah, this was fun!
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thank you for the lore, lapping it up like [insert favorite food item here] :pray: