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Dr. Reid
by on September 21, 2022
Something went bump in the night in the house of Dr. Reid. A place where only fear resided and stood watch at the cradle of Everfree. Only the fearless or the guided usually enter this part of the forest. In this case, a fearless assassin came to snuff the flame that the Doctor had set. The fear that blanketed the deep and beyond. A dangerous pursuit but mayhaps it would be the only way. It was known that Reid is a heavy sleeper and slept he did. The assassin is named Gloom. A vicious person who strikes swiftly at night and hangs the remains on the walls. A contracted Butcher of the queen herself to quietly dispatch the evil and the criminal. Yet this was one person that was unique in a way. Dr. Reid is cursed with near immortality. However, every immortal has a weakness and he is frailty. A weak point that can be struck once with immense pressure to induce instant death. Not much was said that night. Aside from a blade straight through the body. No sound was made. No person was seen but there was nothing in the end. A dark blanket. That is what Gloom wanted... Was it not? Mettle through the dark and eventually you'll get caught. This was no different. This was supposed to be an easy job as night only got darker.
One plunge of the knife. He got it. Right through his diaphragm. His knife, the serpent, would not only go through his weak point but also all of his internal organs. His entire insides would be destroyed from a single strike as it extended itself throughout his entire body. Wormed itself through him. Greedily taking everything away. He would slide the knife out as everything turned to pitch darkness. Gloom would look around the once room to see a horrifying void. He would lift his hooves to see the ground would encompass his legs like sludge. Many worms and bones would casually move across this pond of doom. The sludge would dissipate so that only bones could be seen strewn about. Costumes of legends and weapons of old. Amy Shulzikers knife. Deaths costume. Beelzebub's body. Strongs Arms. Reiners melted brain. Profits Boomcane. Shocks electrified head. At the end of it, a skeleton of a pony with a dusty doctor's coat and faded name tag. An unknown light would shine over the skeleton as it played an odd tune. A record on a gramophone that skipped every so often of the song.
Gloom took in these new surroundings as he would get close to the skeleton cautiously. He would nearly touch the skeleton as the music would scratch and end. The skeleton would be suspended in chains with a heart beating from the chains. It was only seconds that Gloom would lunge for the kill in which he would hit the heart. The heart would bleed and the skeleton would shake and the chains would be freed but still suspended. Red eyes could be seen from the shadows as the creature said.
"Fooooooolish... We will show you freedom." Bodies would climb out of the dark sludge. All of them were the dead before him. Amy, Death, Baelzebub, Profit, Strong, Reiner, Shock n Terror. All how they died. Eyes would peer down at the young Gloom as he would fall beneath them. A lower creature. "You fell for the same trap twice. Why? Common sense must lack in that tiny head of yours. Allow me to fix you. It's a parent's burden to fix things... Isn't it?" He would ask as the behemoth would reach in to look at him. A creature that would latch onto the skeleton. It wore a coat of flesh and cut holes as if to make faces of the coat of flesh. A face could be seen. A ghostly face that was indescribable. Not once human. Created in the dead and made alive. Eyeballs filled empty sockets of a skull that sat upon an unknown body.
"You've awakened something in me. I will protect the things I love... Even if they don't love me... I fix things... I break things..." He would reach down to grab his throat. "Now... Allow me to show you what happens when you betray my love. No more warnings... I am... I forget who I am but you can call me... Doomsday. The start of the end." He would use his other oddly happened hand to force his hand into his mouth. His thumb was on his chin. Before you know it, the light came too and his jaw ripped off his face. He would stumble as his eyes would be exaggerated from the darkness. They pierced the darkness as he gargled. "Your name will be Gloomer. Welcome to our family." The bodies of the dead would all be seen in the darkness from their eyes. Fake people. Real bodies. No one would know. All they see and hear are the visages of what made them real.
"I'm tired of being nice to these people. " Dr. Reid would rise from the bed to slide the knife out. The wound would close quickly. The bodies moved from their positions. "Let's make some noise." He gave a seriously pissed look.
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