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by on January 11, 2023
After the scuffle with Reid. Shila and NEFARIOUS! would be at the incubator. Admittedly, the lack of security was rather... Off putting. The grandiose nature of the Devil's Incubator was so incredible... What was the catch. Neffy would have stepped up the placible staircase with worry. He would then look over to see it completely darkened.
He stared for a long while as the door to it was left unsealed. He sighed and said. "Alright... I'll bite..." He would move to the door to open it. Neffy would look up to see a tall muscle bound women in casual clothing. She was brushing her teeth. She would have grabbed a hat on a rack near her. She put the purple hat backwards.
Her mane was white with purple tips. She had two tattoos that said "A Symphony of Pain and Goodbye Normality". She wore baggy sweat pants and a tank top. She took the brush out of her mouth to spit off to the side. She pointed at him with a grin.
"There is the twink I ordered." She jokingly said but sounded serious due to her lack of expression.
NEFARIOUS! would wind back for a slug into the stomach. He punched her hard as his demonic strength could tear someone in half but she simply endured it. In fact, it hurt him to slug a wall like that. He shook his hand in pain.
"My turn..." She put a slug into his stomach as he would have nearly passed out from taking it. He dropped to his knees and he nearly spilled his guts onto floor as he expelled blood everywhere. She would put her shoes on. She didn't love to tie her shoes so she slid them into the sides. She tapped her foot onto the ground.
She cocked her leg back to kick NEFARIOUS! across the room. Shila would watch in awe. She would have a trump card in her sleeve. She knew this was a bad idea. She did it anyway.
Shila pulled out a flash bang. Bought it from black markets. She had pulled the pin and safety out to throw it at the woman. She grabbed it and said. "Oh..." The flash would nearly knock her off her guard as she was entirely blinded. Smoking from tanking a grenade from so close. Her eyes fried and when she came around, they were gone.
She would throw the remnants of the nade and huffed. She would turn back to the incubator turnes housing. "Tank Wire" labeled on the side.
"Subject 2 - Sucessful."
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