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Knight Wolf
by on February 23, 2023
"Shit shit shit," Talon yells as he runs through a temple that is collapsing
"Dont touch anything! Thats all you had to do!" Knight yells as he runs farther in front with Devine on his back
"Argue later boys! Knight left at the next turn!" Devine yells as she reads a map
"There! I see the exit!" Knight says when he sees the light of day through a door
Knight and Devine dash out the door and land outside, they look back to see Talon barely outrunning the falling debris, in a final sprint he jumps through the door with an explosion of dust and rock bursting behind him, he tumbles and comes to a skidding halt on his butt in front of Knight.
Talon looks himself over, "All in one piece," he says with a grin
Knight shakes his head, "And the artifact?" he asks
"Right here!" he says holding up a giant golden crown
"Good, now what the hell did you have to touch that nearly cost us our lives?" Knight asks as Devine jumps off his back and takes the crown to inspect it.
"This," Talon says holding a bag of gems and gold, "Figured we needed it more than the dead guys in the temple," he says and Knight sighs
"You barely made it out Talon, one day you wont be fast enough, I wish you would be more careful," Devine says and tosses the crown back to him, "The crown is fine, the client should be pleased with it, we'll get paid and then we can move on," she says smiling
"Good, Talon, your paying for dinner tonight," Knight says
"What! Why?" Talon questions
"Well your the one with the bag of gold and gems, so you have the most out of all of us, and since you nearly killed us, I would assume you'd want to make it up to us," Knight says with a smirk
"I do love wine," Devine says as she skips along next to Knight
Later that night the three where at a pub in a city nearby enjoying a meal that was reluctantly gifted by Talon
"Did you guys have to order the most expensive meals?" He moans as he thinks of the large amount of bits he spent
"Of course, why wouldn't we?" Knight asks
"Thank you dear," Devine says happily while munching on a expensive hayburger.
At a nearby table a couple of diamond dogs and griffins kept glancing at Talon, Knight had noticed them and he focused on listening to them.
"I'm telling ya, that bag that kids got is full of coin, gold coins, I saw it earlier when he was lookin through it," one says in a whispered fashion
"That so? It looks a bit too heavy for him, what say you we relieve him of that weight?" another asks in and cackles with his group
"I think its time for us to go," Knight says when he finishes his food
"Sure, I am so full," Devine says smiling
"Yeah sure," Talon says as he gets up, he starts heading for the door when one of the griffins bumps into him
"Ey, that hurt, whatcha tryin ta do kid," the griffin says angrily
"I'm sorry I didn't see you there," Talon says sheepishly
"It looked more like he was trying to hurt you, he was probably trying to rob you," one of the griffins buddies said now standing next to him
"Yea, thats what it looked like to me," a diamond dog says grinning
"What no, I just didnt see you there," Talon says
"Ya callin me friends liars?!" the griffin asks angrily
"No they are just mistaken," Talon says backing up slightly
"I think the kid owes you an apology, that bag he's got on him should be apology enough," the diamond dog says
"Yea, hands it over kid," the griffin says before Knight steps in between them, Knight towers over the griffin and glares at him
"Is there a problem?" he asks roughly
The griffin backs up slightly, "Y-yea, that kid tried to rob me, I'm only makin 'em pay him dues," he says shakily
"Talon did no such thing, how about you just back off," Devine says standing next to Knight
The griffin smiles at her, "Well well, hows about ya make it up for em sweet cheeks, itll only cost ya one night with us," he says cockily
"Speak one more word like that to her and you forfeit your life," Knight says as he glares death into the griffins eyes
"Whats all the hub bub," a dragon comes up from behind the griffin, he is as large as Knight and he smiles confidently at him
"B-boss, that kid there tried ta rob us, we was just makin em pay up for it, figured the gal was a good enough payment," he says backing up
"That mare? Ah yes, she should do, you hear that wolf, had her over," the dragon says stepping up to Knight
The dragon blasts through the wall of the pub and goes crashing into the building next door
The griffins and diamond dogs have a look of surprise on them, the dragon groans as he stands up, "Dont just stand there, kill them!" he yells angrily and roars as he charges as Knight
"Very well, lets do this the fun way," Knight says and runs towards the dragon, they crash in together and shake the ground around them
Arrows hit the diamond dogs and griffins suddenly, "Boys, I hope your dodging skills are good," she says while putting more arrows on her bow and shoots them off
"Why do we always end up fighting were ever we go!" Talon says as he parries swords with his claws
Devine dodges knives and rocks that were thrown at her, she jump back gracefully and follows into back flips where she lands onto a table gracefully, she gently brushes her mane out of her face and smiles, "I don't know, its just our luck sugar," she says as she shoots off more arrows
Knight tosses the dragon through another building and follows him in.
"We are so not going to be welcome here ever again," Talon says while he kicks his opponents, one of the diamond dogs grabs the bag of gold that was on him
"Hey thats mine," Talon says and grabs it back, "Shame on you," he says slapping the diamond dog
"How dare you!" the dog says and slaps him back
Talon gasps, "You dare slap me?!" he says slapping him back
The diamond dog gasps as well, "Why you," he says slapping Talon back which he returns and their fight devolves into a slapping match
Knight tosses the dragon back through the pub which takes out the dog Talon was slapping, he laid bruised and beaten, Knight then walks in, the sounds of whistles and yelling can be heard coming near.
"Time to go," he says
Devine runs to him and jumps on his back, "So touchy, I didn't know you were so territorial with your marefriends," she says giggling
Knight only blushes and takes off into the sky.
Talon runs over to the diamond dog and slaps him one more time before following Knight.
"That must be the fifth bar we have destroyed in the past month," Talon says
Devine laughs happily on Knights back, "Everyday is an adventure," she says smiling
Talon sighs but smiles, Knight chuckles, he can feel it in his heart, he feels.. happy.