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Amy Callihan
by on October 28, 2023
Good morning students. Today we will be discussing the current topic EVERYONE is talking about.
Rank and what the Fear Settlers do to you.
We have a simple ranking system of old. The pyramid. 
From the bottom to the top we have,
Completely harmless: creatures who do not have human emotions or aspirations. They are simple and irregularly child-like. Additionally, these loving guys are harmless. To see harm against them is banable by our company but more importantly, you waive your right to exempt from experimentation.)
Non-combative - these guys are odd. Unusually strong and a lot of the time, fearful of people. They thrive in dark rooms filled with stuff hanging about. These expressive creatures come in many ways but none are dangerous or fearless enough to fight on sight. However, do not strike these guys. They are angry when In distress. Lunging and ripping will happen. You will die if you hurt them.
Villager - A uniquely normal person. These mutants are standoffish. They look normal in the day but at night they look akin to vampires or even snake people. They can consume an entire body in mere seconds. They have a unique opening mechanic where their bodies act as weapons or eating. They can manually open themselves up to slice people. They are territorial but simple.
Cultists - "These blind invisible watchers are that of deviltry" - Said head scientist, Sharlo Reiner, after his discovery led to disaster.  "We were stabbed and beaten. I lived but near an inch of my life. It was like our queen heard my cries!" He said again.
This example shows that cultists are no joke. They are disturbing creatures that evolved from their equestrian form to suit a gross amalgamation of skin and blood. They are called Cultists. They resemble a thin or horribly fat equestrian. They are bipedal and their skin had blistered. It's blisters are so strong that they look like cloaked cultists.  The blisters are so hard that no sharp objects will hit it. Blunt heavy objects will crack it slowly to crush it's body. They carry weapons and are extremely dangerous since they are ALWAYS in groups of 24. Invisible. Waiting to kill. 
Harbingers - These near identical in appearance to us. These beings are sentient and unique. They have many powers which can be concealed with time and money. They would hide in your crowd waiting to strike at every misstep. All harbingers are different and carry objects or unique bodies. Like a cursed eye or body changing. Teleporting. Invisibility. Like modern day superheros. This was a step forward as this can be normalized. Even used to monetize a unique flavor of lifestyle. It is the future of science.
Gods - A fearful but loving horrific creature that loves and gives people gifts. These guys are hated by appearance and odd behavior. However these gentle guys are gift givers and god-like in nature.
It is horrifying that this tier is for three mutants yet to be discussed - Fear Settlers
They are classified as Death. Fear Settlers are the result of many living people to make a mound of flesh. They writhe and slide around the environment.
They have immense power and should be avoided in any way. These creatures are not like gods. They are compatible to gods like Celestia. They do not physically kill people but they can make the world so horrible that it may be comparible to an infinate death. 
They are giant but can squeeze down to hide in modern houses. It can project themselves as real and even change an environment. They can make everything feal hopeless and disgusting.
Yet. When you figure out how to stop it? You die. We call this tier Death. You will never stop dying.
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