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by on November 16, 2023
Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX is to be contained within a 5m x 5m x 5m reinforced steel chamber at Site-██. The chamber is to be monitored by closed-circuit cameras at all times, and access to SCP-XXXX is restricted to Level 3 personnel or above. Access to the chamber requires authorization from at least two Level 4 personnel.
Personnel interacting with SCP-XXXX must wear specialized protective gear designed to prevent accidental physical contact. No prolonged exposure is permitted for any personnel, and individuals who have been in contact with SCP-XXXX are subject to mandatory psychological evaluations.
SCP-XXXX is a circular portal measuring 2 meters in diameter, composed of an unknown iridescent material. It remains in a stable state when not in use. When an individual passes through SCP-XXXX, they are immediately transported to an alternate dimension designated as "Equestria."
Upon crossing through the portal, human subjects undergo a near-instantaneous transformation into anthropomorphic ponies, resembling various species from the "My Little Pony" franchise. Subjects maintain their cognitive abilities and memories but are unable to revert to their human form once transformed. The duration of exposure to Equestria correlates directly with the likelihood of permanent transformation.
Dr. Lacy Lyall, a female researcher, was the first to discover SCP-XXXX during an exploratory mission. Transformed into a pony, she retains her intellectual faculties and adapts to her new form but experiences difficulties with motor skills, mainly due to the differences in anatomy. Despite transformation, Dr. Lyall insists on wearing her glasses due to residual human eyesight issues.
SCP-XXXX was discovered during an investigation into unusual dimensional anomalies reported in a remote forest area. Dr. Lyall, leading the exploration team, inadvertently activated SCP-XXXX while studying the area's abnormal energy readings. The team, including Dr. Lyall, was transported to Equestria and underwent immediate transformation.
Logs and Transcripts:
Audio Log 1:
Date: ██/██/20██
[The audio begins with heavy breathing and rustling.]
Dr. Lyall: (panting) This is Dr. Lacy Lyall, recording initial observations after passing through SCP-XXXX. I've undergone the transformation as anticipated. Motor skills compromised, adapting slowly. The environment is remarkably similar to the fictional world depicted in the "My Little Pony" series. Initiating exploration.
Audio Log 2:
Date: ██/██/20██
[Sound of hooves tapping on a hard surface.]
Dr. Lyall: (labored breathing) It's been ██ hours since our arrival. Team members are experiencing difficulty in movement and coordination. Subjectively, time seems distorted. There's a sense of fading connection to our human origins. This warrants further study.
Addendum XXXX-1:
Excerpt from Interview with Dr. Lyall
Interviewer: How are you adjusting to your new form, Dr. Lyall?
Dr. Lyall: It's... challenging. My cognitive abilities are intact, but the physical limitations are frustrating. I must maintain research efforts to understand this phenomenon. There's a risk of complete detachment from our former humanity.
Addendum XXXX-2:
Note from Incident Report XXXX-A
During a routine experiment, D-3485, a Class-D personnel, was accidentally exposed to SCP-XXXX for an extended period. D-3485 experienced an irreversible transformation into a pony. Psychological evaluations revealed a loss of identity and complete integration into Equestrian society.
Exploration Log 1:
Date: ██/██/20██
Team Lead: Dr. Lacy Lyall
Team Members: Dr. ████████, Agent ████, Technician █████
[The team enters Equestria through SCP-XXXX. Sounds of rustling and confusion can be heard.]
Dr. Lyall: (strained) We're in. Maintain visual contact and proceed with caution.
Agent ████: (in a distorted voice) This feels weird. I can't get used to these hooves.
Technician █████: (frustrated) My hands are gone! How do I even operate this equipment?
Dr. ████████: (anxious) We need to stay focused. Document everything and remember our objectives.
[The team moves cautiously through the environment, struggling with their altered physiology. They encounter several Equestrian inhabitants.]
Dr. Lyall: (attempting to communicate) We come in peace. We seek to understand this dimension.
[Attempts at communication fail as the Equestrian inhabitants seem perplexed and alarmed by the transformed humans.]
Dr. ████████: (whispers) We're drawing attention. Let's retreat and regroup.
[The team retreats through SCP-XXXX, concluding the exploration mission.]
Audio Log 3:
Date: ██/██/20██
Dr. Lyall: (panting) This is Dr. Lyall. We've returned from our initial exploration. Communication attempts failed. It's apparent the Equestrian inhabitants view us with suspicion. Our altered forms make interaction challenging.
Incident Report XXXX-B:
Subject: D-4732
Date: ██/██/20██
D-4732 was exposed to Equestria for 72 hours due to a containment breach. Upon return, D-4732 exhibited behavioral changes, showing a strong preference for Equestrian lifestyle. Psychological evaluations revealed complete identification as an Equestrian pony, with no desire to return to human form.
Exploration Log 2:
Date: ██/██/20██
Team Lead: Dr. Lacy Lyall
Team Members: Dr. ████████, Agent ████, Technician █████
[The team re-enters Equestria through SCP-XXXX, equipped with modified communication devices.]
Dr. Lyall: (speaking into the device) Testing communication interface. Can anyone hear us?
[No response is received through the communication devices.]
Agent ████: (frustrated) These devices are useless here.
Dr. ████████: (noticing Equestrian structures) Look at these constructions. Fascinating.
[The team observes Equestrian architecture and cultural elements while avoiding direct interaction with the inhabitants.]
Technician █████: (struggling with equipment) I can't calibrate this equipment. It's not responding to our commands.
[As they continue exploring, they encounter a group of Equestrian ponies.]
Dr. Lyall: (cautiously) We seek understanding. Can you comprehend us?
[The Equestrian ponies show signs of distress and retreat.]
Dr. ████████: It seems our presence causes distress among them. Let's not escalate the situation. We should return.
[The team retraces their steps back to SCP-XXXX.]
Audio Log 4:
Date: ██/██/20██
Dr. Lyall: (audible frustration) We've attempted communication again with no success. Our technology seems incompatible with this dimension. The inhabitants remain wary of our presence. This complicates our efforts to gather data.
Incident Report XXXX-C:
Subject: Dr. Lacy Lyall
Date: ██/██/20██
Dr. Lyall, due to extended exposure to Equestria during exploratory missions, shows signs of emotional attachment to the Equestrian lifestyle. Psychological evaluations indicate a growing fondness for the Equestrian culture, expressing reluctance to leave the dimension.
Exploration Log 3:
Date: ██/██/20██
Team Lead: Dr. Lacy Lyall
Team Members: Dr. ████████, Agent ████, Technician █████
[The team prepares for a third exploration of Equestria, carrying minimal equipment due to previous communication failures.]
Dr. Lyall: (determined) We need to gather data on Equestrian behavior and culture without alarming the inhabitants.
[They cautiously enter Equestria through SCP-XXXX, staying inconspicuous.]
Agent ████: (whispers) This feels like a dead end. We can't gather anything useful without interaction.
Dr. ████████: (observing the environment) Look at the structures. It's as if they're alive.
Technician █████: (attempting to scan surroundings) I can barely make sense of these readings.
[The team observes Equestrian activities from a distance, trying to understand social behaviors.]
Dr. Lyall: (noting observations) The inhabitants exhibit herd-like behavior. There's a strong sense of community.
[As they attempt to move closer for a better view, they inadvertently draw attention.]
Equestrian Inhabitant: (alarmed) Intruders!
[The team retreats quickly, avoiding any direct confrontation.]
Audio Log 5:
Date: ██/██/20██
Dr. Lyall: (frustrated) We're making no progress. The inhabitants' reactions hinder our ability to observe without interference. We need a new approach to gather meaningful data.
Incident Report XXXX-D:
Subject: Agent ████
Date: ██/██/20██
Agent ████, following prolonged exposure to Equestria, displayed signs of emotional attachment to the Equestrian lifestyle. Psychological evaluations reveal a strong inclination to remain in Equestria, citing a sense of belonging within the community.
Exploration Log 4:
Date: ██/██/20██
Team Lead: Dr. Lacy Lyall
Team Members: Dr. ████████, Agent ████, Technician █████
[The team, equipped with discreet observation gear, enters Equestria through SCP-XXXX.]
Dr. Lyall: (whispering) Stay low and observe without drawing attention. We need precise data.
[They monitor Equestrian inhabitants from a concealed vantage point.]
Dr. ████████: (noticing social interactions) There's a hierarchical structure among them, similar to social orders found in some mammalian species.
Technician █████: (recording observations) The behavior patterns indicate communal living and strong familial ties.
Agent ████: (trying to blend in) I think I'm getting the hang of these movements.
[As they observe, an Equestrian inhabitant approaches their location.]
Equestrian Inhabitant: (curious) Who are you watching?
Dr. Lyall: (attempting to communicate) We're observers, studying your society. We mean no harm.
[The Equestrian inhabitant seems intrigued but maintains a cautious distance.]
Equestrian Inhabitant: (nodding) Observers? You're unlike anypony I've seen before.
[The team remains quiet, observing the interaction without further engagement. The Equestrian inhabitant eventually leaves.]
Audio Log 6:
Date: ██/██/20██
Dr. Lyall: (somewhat hopeful) We managed to observe without alarming them. There might be a way to interact and study without causing distress. It's a small step, but progress nonetheless.
Incident Report XXXX-E:
Subject: Technician █████
Date: ██/██/20██
Technician █████, after prolonged exposure to Equestria, expressed a desire to communicate with the inhabitants and integrate into their society. Psychological evaluations suggest a growing emotional connection to Equestria, potentially risking complete assimilation into the culture.
Exploration Log 5:
Date: ██/██/20██
Team Lead: Dr. Lacy Lyall
Team Members: Dr. ████████, Agent ████, Technician █████
[The team, equipped with discreet observation gear and rudimentary translation tools, re-enters Equestria through SCP-XXXX.]
Dr. Lyall: (whispering) Let's attempt non-threatening interaction. Our goal is to understand their culture.
[They cautiously approach a group of Equestrian inhabitants engaged in communal activities.]
Dr. ████████: (using translation device) Hello, we come in peace. We seek knowledge about your society.
Equestrian Inhabitant 1: (startled) Outsiders?
Equestrian Inhabitant 2: (curious) What are you?
[The team maintains a non-threatening posture, trying to communicate their intentions.]
Dr. Lyall: (using simple gestures) We want to learn. Can you help us understand your way of life?
[The Equestrian inhabitants seem intrigued and less alarmed than in previous encounters. They start to engage in rudimentary communication.]
Equestrian Inhabitant 1: (gesturing) Come, observe our activities. We shall share our ways with you.
[The team cautiously joins the Equestrian inhabitants, observing and participating in their daily routines while exchanging basic information.]
Audio Log 7:
Date: ██/██/20██
Dr. Lyall: (excited) Progress! We managed to establish a basic form of communication. They're willing to share information. This could be a breakthrough in understanding Equestrian culture.
Incident Report XXXX-F:
Subject: Dr. ████████
Date: ██/██/20██
Dr. ████████, after extended interaction with Equestrian inhabitants, displayed signs of emotional attachment to the culture. Psychological evaluations indicate a willingness to stay in Equestria, expressing a sense of belonging within the community.
Incident Report XXXX-G:
Date: ██/██/20██
Dr. Lyall: (on the other side of SCP-XXXX) Team, I'm experiencing some anomalies with SCP-XXXX. There's an unexpected energy surge. Be cautious!
[The portal begins to destabilize, emitting erratic pulses of light and energy.]
Dr. Lyall: (frantic) Something's wrong! The portal is collapsing! I can't stabilize it!
[The team, on the other side of SCP-XXXX, attempts to activate emergency protocols.]
Dr. ████████: (concerned) Dr. Lyall, we're trying to override the controls. Hold on!
[Despite their efforts, the portal continues to destabilize, emitting intense energy fluctuations.]
Dr. Lyall: (voice strained) It's too late! I can't maintain it! Get out while you can!
[The team hastily retreats as SCP-XXXX collapses, sealing shut and severing the connection to Equestria.]
Audio Log 8:
Date: ██/██/20██
Dr. Lyall: (distressed) This is Dr. Lyall. SCP-XXXX has collapsed. I'm stranded in Equestria. Attempts to reopen the portal have failed. I'm alone here.
[Silence follows for several moments.]
Dr. Lyall: (resolute) I'll continue observations and try to survive. Maybe there's a way to reopen the portal. But for now, I'm stranded in this dimension.
Incident Report XXXX-H:
Subject: Dr. Lacy Lyall
Date: ██/██/20██
Dr. Lyall, following the collapse of SCP-XXXX, is currently stranded in Equestria. All attempts to reestablish the portal have failed. Psychological evaluations indicate a mix of determination and distress due to isolation.
Observation Log 1:
Date: ██/██/20██
[Audio recording from Site-██ surveillance cameras monitoring SCP-XXXX.]
Technician: (noticing anomalies on the monitoring system) Sir, there's unusual activity detected at SCP-XXXX's containment chamber.
Security Officer: (checking the monitors) What's happening?
[The footage shows erratic energy fluctuations around SCP-XXXX.]
Technician: It looks like the residual energy readings are off the charts. There might be a breach.
Security Officer: Lock down the area. Alert Dr. Lyall's exploration team immediately.
[Security personnel rush to secure the area as alarms blare in the background.]
Site-██ Incident Report:
Date: ██/██/20██
Anomalous energy surges detected within SCP-XXXX's containment area led to an emergency lockdown. Dr. Lyall's exploration team was alerted, but attempts to stabilize the portal failed, resulting in its collapse. Dr. Lyall was confirmed stranded within Equestria due to this unforeseen event.
Dr. Lyall's Personal Audio Log:
Date: ██/██/20██
Dr. Lyall: (audible distress) This is Dr. Lacy Lyall. The portal's collapse was sudden. I'm cut off from our world. I'm attempting to find a way to reopen the portal, but my attempts have been futile.
[Sound of hoofsteps and distant chatter can be heard in the background.]
Dr. Lyall: (somewhat calmer) I'm observing the Equestrian inhabitants. They seem curious but cautious. I need to find a way to communicate with them, to understand if there's a possibility of restoring the portal.
[The audio ends abruptly.]
Observation Log 2:
Date: ██/██/20██ to ██/██/20██
[Audio recordings and sporadic visual logs from hidden observation devices in Equestria.]
Recording 1:
Dr. Lyall: (speaking softly) It's been several months since the portal collapsed. I've been observing the Equestrian inhabitants closely. They've become accustomed to my presence and started referring to me as "Laly." Communication remains challenging, but I'm making progress.
[The audio fades into distant sounds of Equestrian activities.]
Visual Log 1:
[Dr. Lyall, now referred to as "Laly" by the Equestrian inhabitants, is seen participating in daily activities with a group of ponies. She seems to be attempting to mimic their behaviors.]
Recording 2:
Dr. Lyall: (somewhat hesitant) My memories of my human life are becoming fragmented. The longer I stay here, the more distant those memories feel. The Equestrian lifestyle is gradually becoming more familiar, almost as if it's always been my reality.
[The recording ends abruptly.]
Transcript of Conversation:
Equestrian Inhabitant: (addressing Dr. Lyall as "Laly") Laly, join us for our gathering!
Dr. Lyall (Laly): (smiling) Of course, I'll be there shortly.
[Equestrian inhabitants gather around Dr. Lyall, engaging in various activities.]
The passage of time in Equestria seems to have an effect on Dr. Lyall's memory and sense of identity, as her interactions with the ponies become more ingrained in her daily life. 
**Audio Log 3:**
*Date: ██/██/20██*
Dr. Lyall (Laly): (speaking softly) This is Laly. It's becoming increasingly challenging to recall specific details about my previous life as a human. The memories feel distant, like fading echoes. My focus now revolves around understanding and adapting to the Equestrian way of life.
[In the background, sounds of Equestrian inhabitants engaging in communal activities can be heard.]
Dr. Lyall (Laly): There's a sense of belonging here, a camaraderie that I've come to appreciate. I find myself spending more time with them, learning their customs, and attempting to contribute to their society.
[The audio fades into background noises of Equestria.]
**Visual Log 2:**
[Dr. Lyall, now addressed as "Laly" by the Equestrian inhabitants, is seen assisting in various tasks around the community. She appears to be comfortably interacting with the ponies, showcasing an increasing integration into their daily routines.]
The passage of time in Equestria seems to have an effect on Dr. Lyall's memory and sense of identity, as her interactions with the ponies become more ingrained in her daily life.
Audio Log 4:
Date: ██/██/20██
Dr. Lyall (Laly): (voice slightly strained) This is Laly. I've been actively participating in their daily activities, even adopting some of their mannerisms. It's getting harder to remember the specifics of my past. The memories are fading, slipping away like dreams upon waking.
[There's a prolonged pause.]
Dr. Lyall (Laly): (sounding conflicted) Part of me is losing touch with my human identity. Yet, I feel a sense of peace here, a sense of purpose I haven't experienced before. But I must remember who I was. I mustn't lose myself entirely.
[The recording ends abruptly.]
As time progresses, Dr. Lyall, now referred to as "Laly," appears to be increasingly immersed in the Equestrian lifestyle, struggling to maintain connections to her human identity. 
Daily Activity Log - Laly:
Date: Ongoing
[The following are excerpts from Laly's recorded daily activities in Equestria. These logs span over a period where Laly has completely forgotten about her past human life.]
Log 1:
Laly: (enthusiastic) Greetings! It's another beautiful day in Equestria. Today, I assisted in planting crops with my friends. The soil was rich, and the sun warmed our backs. The feeling of togetherness is something I cherish deeply. 
Log 2:
Laly: (content) Today, we had a delightful gathering near the Crystal Lake. We sang songs, shared stories, and enjoyed the tranquility of the surroundings. The laughter echoed through the trees, filling the air with joy.
Log 3:
Laly: (reflective) I spent the day learning herbal remedies with Elder Willow. The art of healing through nature is fascinating. Each herb holds its own magic, and understanding their properties brings a sense of fulfillment.
Log 4:
Laly: (excited) The younger ones wanted to learn to fly today. I helped organize a little flight training session, and seeing their joy as they took to the skies was incredibly rewarding. We all laughed at our clumsy attempts!
Log 5:
Laly: (contented sigh) It's nights like these when we stargaze together that I feel most at peace. The constellations twinkle above us, and the quiet conversations bring comfort like no other.
As time passes, Laly's logs solely revolve around her present experiences and interactions within the Equestrian community. Her past as a human has faded entirely from her memory, replaced by a deep sense of belonging and purpose in her life as a member of this society.
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