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by on December 11, 2019
Trish really dislikes his useless feeling. The longer his teammates are gone with him hearing nothing, the more the feeling builds, and they've been gone quite a bit of time on their separate assignments...which has left him restlessly productive. Part of him had considered taking a trip to Rusty's house to visit his family, force himself to relax for a day. But like all changelings, his family emotionally perceptive, and they'd know he was bothered all day...there would be no rest for anyone...
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by on December 8, 2019
Its tough living in a new world that your not familiar with . Back in 1941 I still had those baseball cards in my room dout that there still there. I even had a best friend his name was Bucky ....... the died saving his country and me just wish I could have saved him ......... but I'm trying to find my place in the new world ..... I'm going to try to ask princess celestia to give me a royal guard position since I knew back then . Hope I get that job
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by on December 5, 2019
Please excuse if the banner doesn't display correctly. Wow...two years...i'm just absolutely excited! It's just incredible that we have made itt this far. I sincerely am happy to have been given the chance to make CA a reality. For those who know me from way before CA, you know that my first website, which we do not speak of (lol) only lasted 2 months and it was a terrible mess. It's very exciting to know CA has officially surpassed my old site by exactly twice the time! I really wanna tha...
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by on December 4, 2019
Greetings, everyone! As all of you may know, today is our website's second year anniversary, hurray! We are so excited to be able to be in service for you guys for two years! It's unbelievable and crazy that the time has gone by so quickly too! Here at Canterlot Avenue, we do our best to ensure that the site is as enjoyable as possible so that you, the users, can return, provide support, and even recommend us to your friends so we can continue to grow our community and build more friendshi...
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by on December 1, 2019
Anyone is allowed to make up any award for anyone but themselves. Ships can be nominated but nominators can't be in ships. Polygamy allowed. 1st to get nominated gets the award. 1 user/ship per award ♥ Users ♥ ‘The one’ and only fish in the sea = Hymn Amazing girlfriend = Seir Genevieve Angriest typist = Seir Best Abby, Abi, Abbie, Abbee (just any spelling okay) = Abby Best artist with colored pencils = Fable Daydreams Best at tasing Freddy Fazbear = Seir Genevieve Best AU maker = Tr...
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