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by on August 23, 2019
CHAPTER ONE: Arrival at the Gala I trotted into the Gala. I still had no idea why she had been given two golden tickets in the mail. However, I decided to take as my plus one. Mainly because I had no date and Moonlight’s special some pony had been invited to the Gala by Princess Celestia since he began playing Buckball. Everypony came to the Gala for a reason. I had no reason to be here, apart from my bucket list of course. As we both walked into the Castle, my curiosity grew. “Why did you wan...
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by on August 22, 2019
Tonight was Solaris' turn to guard the Artemis Bow, having placed it in a small, hidden room with only one way in or out. There was just enough room for himself, the bow and maybe one other creature. Solaris sat across from the bow, his eyes closed as he meditated. Well, attempted to meditate, anyways. His body language showed that he was exhausted and the way his face looked made it seem like he was in slight pain. The room was eerily silent, not even an echo traveled down the tunnel that lead ...
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