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by on September 4, 2018
[hr] The end result will look something like this.... [hr] Here's what you'll need: 1) Some characters you want to RP as 2) A bit of time and effort Fairly simple, right? Kay, let's start. [hr] First off I'd suggest you make a blog, or friendship letter, containing all the information you have on your character that you'd normally fill in when making an actual profile for said character. Go to this part of the site: And press the green + in the top ri...
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by on May 24, 2018
. If you notice something that you'd like me to make a guide on please feel free to send me a PM and I'll get to it ASAP. [hr] : Upload your images correctly so you can easily find them again! . : Allowing you to make and manage your very own page! . : How to set up your account to accommodate multiple characters!
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