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Most new friends made in 2021: --. Corona 1. Nitroxus Soulspins 2. Spirit Weaver 3. Air Lightning Rush 4. Ghostbit (was also 4th place last year) 5. King Nymphamos 2020 list: https://canterlotavenue...View More
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Bright Brave
We want pictures of spooderman!!! Er… I mean… Who is most active ?
Peter Parker was most active
Bright Brave
LIES !!!!!!!
Spirit Weaver
Part of me desires that top spot. Another part reminds me that I already got the achievement and I can rest.
Silver Bullet
Can we see that I got the least friends
You gained 10 friends!
Silver Bullet
In fact, you got in the top 5 of most Lore blogs
Lula Vieve
Who got the least friends I would like to know
It's a multiway tie with only 1. Too many users to list.
Ivory Charm
Congrats Corona! Most popular bird once again
Sling Tyler
Dear Celestia... I have a problem.