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Male. Lives in  Ponyville,  Equestria. Born on April 15, 1994
Nah I'm terrible at running.
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Dex casually sits on his front... portal-door stoop and sighs. Father's day, a day to be spent with fathers.... Well, the only fathers in his life were a man who died before he was born and another ma...View More
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Much like Kaela Mensha Khaine, Dexalot steps out of a large, glyphed stone door, which billows out fire around his hooves as he walks through into town before shutting the door behind him. Stretching ...View More
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Amethyst the Hippogriff
Amethyst has no idea who that is but she still give him a 9/10 for epic entrances. Especially making the effort to do so for a bag of potatoes.
After helping someone with Field Commander directing to their marching band's music, Dex is unable to get marching band music from his mind. It invades his every thought, like a quickly-spreading mala...View More
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((*Laughs at your misery because I will soon know it for marching season is nigh*))
"8.76 percent of a year can give you such a crick in the neck." Dex cracks his neck "Oy...."
//Every time I see a new World of Warcraft cinematic, I want to BELIEVE that Activision/Blizzard can make a good game. But I am always disappointed.
"I think the apt descriptive term for this particular street is 'Ironic'"
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//The best part about trying to get old, classic, fun games to work on your newer computer? The constant crashes, especially during cutscenes.
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//what kind of games are you trying to play? Because if it's MS dos, just go with the easier option, get a second ssd or hdd and load ms dos onto it as a secondary boot drive, then you can play them in their original glory, and it's way better than emulation
//nah its kotor 2.
//that makes sense, I loved kotor 1, but it had this weird issue where it sometimes had these grey lines going through the world, and they'd get really bad at some points, and sometimes it would crash randomly, and really didn't like cutscenes
// What about the fullscreen? I was trying to play some good'n'old Age of Empires the other day, it simply decided to not work.
//Oh i cant tell you how much i wish some older games could conform to the new windowed fullscreen standard. Im pretty sure its the whole reason why i cant get kotor 2 to show up over discord streaming.
//Tell me about it.. I only sometimes get Rocksmith to work and don't even talk to me about Dark Corners of the Earth
She's barricaded the room with herself and Dexalot and slumped down with a sigh as she drops a little probot that floats to the center of the room and immediately becomes a console. "Why did I think t...View More
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//That feel when generating a new world in dorf fort, only to realize you forgot to give yourself enough embark points to fill out the dorf skill pool when preparing carefully, so you must regen. Dor...View More
Silver Shield
Wait there are times when you know what you're doing?
Twist Tinder
//I like that game. I’ve been playing Rimworld lately and I keep missing features from DF.
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