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Other. Lives in Lençóis,  Equestria. Born on August 12
"I'm a Probe!"
Roleplay Universe
"A thingy that the... Xel'naga Above has been working on."
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StarCrafts, the show that Waste is originated from, has finally come to an end. I won't lie, I'm still feeling quite sad even after hours of watching the finale, but... Am happy for this to've existed...View More
You know when you cheat levels in Skyrim for total legit reasons and it bugs, so the annoying level up sound keeps repeating until you leave the game? CA just did that to me, and was spamming the no...View More
About 200 probes are warped into Equestria. Has Waste returned? Not really, it just came back to boop all the 211 pones that had booped it in the last couple of months.
Chiller Sway
Interesting, but, how did you boop me?
You probably booped me at some point, and the 'boop back' is not blocked even if you have disabled booping in your profile.
Chiller Sway
But I've never booped anybody??
I mean, all I did was scroll through my 211 boops long boop list and hit the 'boop back' button. And if you received one, then yes, you did send me a boop at some point.
Chiller Sway
I dont have a "boop back" button...
"... Soylent Yellow is made out of probes. You gotta tell them. You tell everypony. Listen to me, pone. SOYLENT YELLOW IS PROOOBES! We gotta stop them! Somehow!"
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Dream wraps her little hoovies around that little cutie probe thingie. Daaw.
Captain Sky N Nova
" one tell him about recycling...."
Waste tried to do a frontflip one hour ago. It still hasn't found a way to stop spinning in mid-air.
Amethyst the Hippogriff
Amethyst claps him like a fly.
After a couple of weeks of being away, a flock of Waste units flooded into Equestria. They dispersed the deeper they went into the countryside and divided themselves into smaller groups, each going in...View More
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Bright Brave
Bright chewed on a waste drone
A bigger probe chewed on a Bright pone.
Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxus slid down a rope from his hot air balloon. He soon smiled to them. He then passed a large gift over to them.* Happy Birthday!
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Scarlet Gleam
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There were about fifty probes of different sizes, material types and colorized patterns floating about, and they all replied with a loud "Thank you!"
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