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Knight Wolf
by on May 2, 2021
Knight continued his wandering journey through the remains of the many cities that the war affected, he made sure however to avoid taxis now since last time he was swindled out of a restful night to one full of well, he blushes as he remembers the beautiful mare that tricked him into bed. He shook his head as he crossed the desert and stared into the vast emptiness it held, he walked aimlessly forward for days until he came across a place called klugetown. Once entering he had already had to knock out several creatures attempting to rob him, the sun was nearly gone and already many females of different species had already offered themselves to him for bits, the inns he had gone into all seemed way too sketchy.
"You seem lost sugar," he hears a voice and freezes, "Oh no," he mumbles as he turns to see that taxi driver he met a while ago.
"Im not looking for a ride or lodging right now!" he says quickly and she giggles, "Oh dont tell me the big bad wolf is wary of little ol me?" she asks smiling cutely
He sighs and shakes his head, "What are you doing here? Um? I dont remember your name," he says and she smiles, "Well I didnt give it sooo you wouldnt know it," she says crossing her arms in a smirk.
"I see, well, farewell madam," he says bowing slightly and turning,
"Hey, just cuz you rocked my world without knowing my name doesnt mean you have to be shy about seeing me around!" she says aloud and many turn to see.
"Sh sh shh, what is wrong with you!" He says covering her mouth quickly, "oh making me stay quiet? Brings back memories right?" she giggles and he frowns.
"Unbelievable, this must be what Twilight felt like when i flirted so much," he mumbles and she raises a brow, "Twilight? Whose that?" she asks and he lets her go, "No one, safe travels stranger," he says and she smiles.
Half an hour later he is walking through the outskirts of the city when he stops, he turn to his left, "Why are you following me?" he asks through grit teeth in which she replies, "Oh well, I'm here for a few days driving and I dont know anyone in this dark and scary city.. you.. you wouldnt abandon a sweet defensless mare in this terrible place now would you?" she asks with puppy eyes
"I'm sorry I'm not a body guard, especially not to a mare I know nothing about," he says as he walks forward
"But you do know me, very well in fact, like veeerrry well," she hints giggling and he groans, "If I let you follow me would you stay quiet?" he asks and she nods happily. Now looking for a place to spend the night she walks by him whistling, humming and making bop noises with her lips. Knights brow was twitching in irritation.
In a dark alley nearby a griffin was being beat into the ground by two other griffins and diamon dog, "Yous shouldve had the money by now miguel, the boss aint too happy with you and unfortunately for you, this was your last chance," he says pulling out a large knife, the griffin looked up at him in fear.
"WOULD YOU SHUT UP!" Knight yells from the alley entrance, "What i wasnt saying anything!" she protested, "Just all the noise! Nothing but noise with you!" he yells
The three thugs look at them questionably and the diamon dog speaks up, "Hey!" he says and the two turn to him.
"Gets outa here if ya know whats good fer ya," he says waving the knife around. Knight assesses the situation instantly and sighs, "I dont care what you do here but the cheapest hotel is right there," he says pointing behind the group where a sign said three bits a night. One of the griffins walks to the sign and rips it down, "Oh no, its closed, now get out of here or end up like him," he says pointing at the bleeding and beat griffin.
"H-hey, we can always find another place, we should just leave right?" the mare asks with a tremble, Knight sighs and he looks at the griffin on the ground, he then disappears and the three thugs get flung onto nearby walls, Knight stands over the the griffin and looks him over, "Get out of here," he says and the griffin quickly makes his escape.
"Ow.." the dog says as he looks at the fleeing griffin," looks like we got a hero here, lets show him what we do to heroes boys," he says as they get up and surround Knight.
Moments later Knight stands above three broken bodies, blood splattered on his face and on the floor and walls, behind him the mare stares in terror.
"W-what a-are y-you," the diamond dog wheezes out.
The sun fully gone and the moon hidden behind the clouds darkens the area to total darkness.
Only his bright red eyes glow in the dark, "I am no hero," he says as more blood hits the wall.