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by on October 23, 2023
(Disclaimer: All characters mentioned are exaggerated actions and views of what my Character views them as, as well as what they think the actions of them would be. This is in no way myself speaking or claiming to know how your character acts or would act. If your characters are mentioned, note that I don't claim to these actions to be Canon nor possible. This is all simple deception and theory to drive a story narrative for my Character) The night is upon me. The sounds of darkness are back to...
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by on October 21, 2023
12 PM, Ponyville District Court. Three figures enter Courtroom 3, and walk up the gallery. One opens a swinging door leading into the well, and another leads the second figure to a table on the left. The three sit down at the table, as another group of 4 enters the courtroom, and takes position at the table to the left of the swinging door. This is followed by a few more official looking figures taking seats in the front right row of the gallery, and finally, the general public are allowed t...
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by on October 21, 2023
She had done as she was told. The doors and windows were closed and locked, the curtains had been shut and all of the lights in the house had been turned off. All of the lights, except that of her room; She could not sleep, no matter how much she tried, for the sound of the woods outside of her house were too weird and haunting. The eerie feeling of being watched crept into her mind whenever she closed her eyes, it was simply impossible. A light flickered outside her window, flashing briefly ...
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by on October 20, 2023
It is high time I explain a lot of this. Things that are important to understand what Star Spawn are, and everything surrounding them. It is confusing, but read carefully and you'll understand. I will update this slowly over time to include more information, and to explain things. A Star Spawn can only be understood by knowing what they are at heart. Above all else, they are spirits of dead ponies and creatures. Upon moving on, they made the choice to evade reaping and became locked into the sk...
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by on October 7, 2023
With the coming of fall, comes Vanhoover's annual Fall Festival. A weekend-long event full of all sorts of activities, tons of booths, a metric buttload of maple themed food, and live performances from local bands. Unfortunately, the number one band in the city was too busy preparing for a tour to perform at the fair, but the number 2 band was more than happy to take their place. Granted, power metal didn't exactly fit the relaxed mood of the fair. Asuka should be at the fair with her bandma...
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by on October 7, 2023
I am a Brony gamer. Who on ocassion makes music remakes and draws ponies digitaly. Over the last three years i have created my for stories to take place in. I also wrote a . If some would be interested in doing an RP inspired by my worldbuilding, that would be great.
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by on October 3, 2023
Seems with every glimmer of joy presented before me, the universe finds a way to remind me of the disgust I have towards a certain problem. Said problem seemed to be invading my mindscape at the moment. Such is the hardships of absorbing a Tyrant Level Arcane Spirit.  "Seems you've been busy, Artemis Luminous." The Spirit spoke towards me as he stepped forward to look eye to eye with myself.  A rather disturbing appearance this Spirit had. Dark as knight coat, with hinges of deep blue. Pierci...
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by on October 3, 2023
A dusty book stands before you, and from it, pages unfurl like a great sea of language, before starting at its  very beginning. The book seemed tattered, almost ancient, but also new, as if from its very torn appearance, came something new. "The Holy Glow" By Sister Glowing Heart ...
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by on September 28, 2023
Amy sat in front of a mirror while pulling down her bottom eyelids. Her eyes was so painfully red. No amount of eye drops would satiate this dryness and eventually blood would fall onto the sink.  She would look to her left to see a tall pale mare staring at her. Her dead greyish skin lacked fur. She had a large flowing pink mane and pink eyelashes. Her mouth was seen shut with pink string. The pink on her was nearly glowing. Her beauty was intense and quite frankly, it just added to her strange...
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by on September 26, 2023
"So. We were Attack on Mango. That was our show." An awkward silence fills the dingy, Ponyville rock club. The band on stage doesn't seem to get the hint as the crowd looks around, waiting for something. It's only when someone asks "So, who's on next?" that they get the hint to get off stage, and out of the club. Of the four, only the bassist appears happy with the performance. The other three members of the band hang their heads in shame was they pack up their stuff, and head out the door. ...
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by on September 20, 2023
PB's parents met in the most unexpected way unlike any other typical couple. Smart Striker, PB's mom met Penned Heart, PB's Father after making a magical device to transport through dimensions. Smart Striker passed through bumping into the stallion as there was no exact location to bring her to. She soon fell for him and refused to return to her dimension when she discovered her male counterpart's lab where she then resided in. Within time Penned Heart married Smart Striker and had PB, known as ...
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by on September 6, 2023
A young filly trotted quickly through the hall, tearing into a corner and almost running over another stable dweller. They dared not make a statement about it, and instead chuckled at her. It was the daily for a filly like her- carefree, and full of energy! She made her way down the next hallway, turned to the door of her dwelling, and basically dived in. The target? An older mare with a lab coat on. Her mission? To finally catch her off guard, and take her down once and for all! Though, just l...
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