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by on April 21, 2021
The purple uniforms of the Equestrian Army stretch all around the town. The gryphon occupiers manning their recently constructed defenses know what's about to come. Cannons are loaded, and aimed. Rifles arrayed in trench lines, with plenty of ammunition stocked. Across the nearly bare field stands an army more than twice their size, but even that might not be enough to dislodge them. After all, they're the ones on the defensive, and gryphons are naturally more resilient than Equestrians. At leas...
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by on April 14, 2021
//It's about time I cracked this out. not really using Tony much anymore, so no point in keeping it a secret. For once, Tony was actually satisfied with the food the cooks had whipped up for lunch. With the help of the RnD guys they'd managed to start growing much of their own food onboard, and it wasn't half bad. Sure, they had plenty of food from Equestria to last the ship for decades, but it was nice to save it for emergencies. He just couldn't believe the sauce he'd had with his veggie-c...
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